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Cuenca Condos

Recently, I visited a friend with a newly purchased Cuenca condo. Cuenca is the delightful third city of Ecuador.

Staying with my friend, Bill Bushnell, who with his wife Leita has just relocated down here, gave me a chance to get to know this city through the eyes of a new resident. Cuenca condos buildings are going up faster than you can say, well, “Cuenca Condos”! as the Ecuadorian middle class and a of smattering foreign residents boost demand in this very livable city.

Cuenca is a forty minute flight south of Quito and there are to 2 to 3 flights a day, although no late evening flights. It is some 8 to 12 hours south of Quito by road depending on the state of the roads. For many years it was isolated from the rest of the country so it has followed it’s own course all these years.


That translates into a city with a lot of its own facilities and a distinct character. Cuenca is renowned in Ecuador as the arts city and also as a university city. Find out more about Cuenca and condos by reading more at http://www.ecuadorliving.com/2008/03/25/cuenca-condos-in-ecuador.html

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