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Cotacachi Design Homes

Cotacachi design homes do exist. There are several that exist now and several more that are being built. Read on to see how one entrepreneurial lady is constructing four new design homes in Cotacachi.

What kind of home might you expect for $79,700 where you live? Could you possibly buy a 1,600 square foot, 2 bedroom home on a larger than quarter acre lot with property taxes of $2 or $3 a month? What about a 1,300 square foot house for $69,000 ?

What about a home designed by an aristocrat with a great aesthetic design sense to be similar in design and feel to her own mansion home with ornamental and fruit trees in the gardens? See her gardens below.

Cotacachi design home flower beds

Even if you could somehow find a brand new $1,600 home for less than $80,000 with wonderful gardens and property taxes that leave you with your jaw scraping the ground or scratching your head in dis-belief … what kind of neighborhood would you be living in? Would it be a small, calm, tranquil city with tons of culture such as dance presentations at the local theater, such as this one I saw yesterday on Sunday afternoon – for free!!??

Cotacachi design home indigenous dance performance

Would the property have a view from the living room window such as this one below?

Cotacachi design home view

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