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Ecuador spas offer luxury and value, another reason to visit Cotacachi, especially La Mirage Spa. The spa has 19 really great treatments.

La Mirage Cotacachi Spa Treatments

Last year this Cotacachi spa offered two new treatments, a grape treatment and a chocolate massage.

Here is what La Mirage Spa’s new menu of treatments says about this treatment.


“Science has long suggested a connection between polyphenols which are found in grapes, and good health and long life. Wine treatments are said to firm the skin and slow down the aging process due to the wine’s high antioxidant content. Soak in bubbling water enriched with fresh, finely crushed grape extracts from seed, skin, stalk and pulp together with organic essential oils chosen to provide the desired effect for 30 minutes.

“Followed by a complete body exfoliation after which we apply a corporal grape mask. Then your body is wrapped with cellophane and covered with a warm thermal blanket. While relaxing, you receive a mini facial, followed by a grape facial mask. Then receive a full massage. This 100 minute service is $95.”

I loved this Cotacachi spa treat.  The room had been specially prepared, a glowing eucalyptus fire crackled and the music was soft, sweet and relaxing. This was 100 minutes of bliss, an entirely new dimension in the transformation of this magical fruit! Highly recommended!

I checked Grape massages on the internet and learned about Vinotherapy, the practice of using wine by-products for spa therapy, giving new meaning to the French paradox of healing the body with wine.

Comments pop up with phrases like “soaking in a tub of wine-laced spring water and later partaking of the local vintage is considered good for you” and “try a Jacuzzi filled with grape-seed extract, feel the tension melt away with a Sauvignon massage or, for the ultimate in stress relief, a vinotherapist will wrap you in a balm of honey, wine yeast and oil.”

One article says “the practice of spa vinotherapy originated at the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte in Martillac, a town in the Bordeaux region of France. During a visit to the chateau, Joseph Vercauteren, a local pharmacology professor, was appalled to see the winery throwing out tons of seeds and skins from grape crushings. At the time, he was patenting a process using grape seed oil for skin care products. The professor’s visit led the Cathiard family to build a hotel, restaurant, spa and a line of skincare products”. They have even opened Spa Caudalie, a member-only spa in Las Vegas.

This must be good because whydontyou.com says “Les Sources de Caudalie’s Vinotherapy Spa was voted the number one European Hotel Spa in the 2004 Condé Nast Readers Spa Awards. Treatments combine the soothing nature of hydrotherapy with the anti-oxidant properties of grapes. Naturally heated spring water, rich in minerals and oligo-elements, is pumped from 540m below the ground. Grapes contain a high concentration of polyphenals which can be used to fight against ageing free radicals and detoxify the body. The result is a selection of unique treatment programmes designed to relax, slim and rejuvenate.”

The Monterey Plaza Hotel & Spa in California advertises: “Grape Seed Antioxidant Body Treatment (80 minutes) $175

Indulge in this signature treatment that includes a Grape Seed Rosemary Body Exfoliation followed by a full body massage with warm Antioxidant Grape Seed Oil. Your body will be wrapped in a warm cocoon while your scalp is massaged with warm Lavender Grape Seed Oil. A cup of Grape Seed Tea completes this ultimate bliss.”

So there you have it. The French invented it. The Californians made it expensive and Las Vegas…well we won’t even go there.

Now the grape massage is available in Cotacachi, Ecuador! Who says we don’t have anything and everything in our tiny remote village.  The treatment is longer, price barely a third of California and the therapists sweet.
After each treatment relax in this meditation room.

La Mirage Cotacachi Spa Treatments

Then there is the Cotacachi Chocolate massage.

When I tried this massage at La Mirage I was so relaxed last night I could not finish writing about it.

The spa is unparalleled. They have 17 incredible treatments. Each special treatment has its own room specially designed so the Cleopatra’s bath (soak in herbalized milk and a massage) room has an Egyptian motif for example.

Each room has a fireplace and soft music so I was not surprised to see the fire when I entered the new Chocolate Room. The treatment lasts 100 minutes and begins with several face and skin scrubs. The skin is our largest eliminative and most absorbing organ so this beginning clears away the old and prepares the skin to absorb the nutrients and anti oxidants in the chocolate.

Then the face is coated in a chocolate soufflé foam. Chocoholics beware! The smell drove me to consume my Christmas given bag of chocolate when I got back to the hotel. As the foam sits, the body is then painted in chocolate and put in a hot body wrap. As you soak in the warm chocolate the masseuse massages the head scalp and face. Finally all this is removed and ends with a full body massage. I came out glowing…though as mentioned craving chocolate!

The article says “The latest research shows that eating 45 grams of chocolate every day can ease symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).” Hmmm I think I am feeling tired.

The article points out that a group of British scientists formulated a special blend of very dark chocolate: 85% cocoa, rich in polyphenols to treat CFS. Study participants either got the real deal or placebo for eight weeks. The patients getting the placebo reported feeling more tired, while the real chocolate-eaters reported feeling less fatigued. Researchers believe these results are due to the impact of chocolate on neurotransmitters like serotonin, which controls sleep and moods.

Merri had the the lavender massage.   This treat began with a 20 minute soak in hot water and lavender (grown at La Mirage) then a lavender herbal wrap and finished with an hour long lavender massage. (90 minutes for $75)…then we both met at their exquisitely beautiful round meditation room with a roaring eucalyptus fire. Wow.

Here are just five of the eleven comprehensive treatments available at La Mirage Spa.

Herbal Bath Wrap: Soak in a Jacuzzi infused with Lemon grass, Eucalyptus, Clove, and Cinnamon. The essences are known for their immune enhancing and circulation stimulating qualities. The bath is followed by a wrap in steaming unbleached blankets saturated with these same powerful herbs which encourages a deep state of relaxation and a complete body massage. 80 minutes. $60.

Hot Stone Massage: Hot Stone Massage is a Swedish massage which incorporates the use of smooth, heated stones. The warm stones are integrated into the massage as well as placed on key tension areas of the body. The combination of the heat with the pressure of the strokes allows the muscles to warm and let go. This treatment is great for the areas of chronic muscle tension. 50 minutes. $50

A Touch By Angels: This is an all natural aromatherapy mineral bath and massage that incorporates the finest essential oils, thermal minerals, and trace elements. The specific oils in the aromatherapy mineral bath crystals produce a soothing and invigorating effect, depending on the bath selected.

After the bath your body is wrapped with warm sheets covered in lavender, chamomile and rose petals. This gentle natural aromatherapy wrap is ideal for undisturbed relaxation and followed by a full body massage technique that uses premium pressure to relieve tension and create a heightened sense of well-being. 80 minutes $65.

Mirage Ecuadorian Volcanic Clay Body Treatment:Thisbegins with a complete body exfoliation with cleansing gels. Then a salt glow treatment with Body Masque is followed by a rich substance of Ecuadorian Volcanic clay over the entire body. Then your body is wrapped with cellophane and covered with a thermal blanket.While relaxing a face clay masque from the Dead Sea is applied and afterwards the face is massaged with light oil.Aftera shower the there is a light body massage with fine oil. 90 minutes. $65.

Shamanic Purification Treatment: The Shamanspossess agreat vision for medicines in the countryside andinparticular, for plants often used-mainly forhealingpurposes. In addition, they are specialist in using elements such as Fire, Water, Earth and employee them in order to call the spirits for assistance. TheShamansuse substance such as crystals, candles, smoke and eggs and the La Mirage Spa offers the healing powers of a female Shmamana who has inherited years of experience form her father a recognized Shaman in this region. The purification room at La Mirage is oriented towards the established indigenous healing practices of Body, Mind and spirit. Taking these concepts into account, her methods blend relaxation techniques using a float tank, the Shamanic Ritual and Aromatherapy Spiritual Massage. 90 minutes. $65.

Now there is also an Amazon treatment in Cotacachi.  This is how La Mirage describes it.

Here is how La Mirage describes this treatment:

“Cofan Spiritual Ritual of the Amazon

“Inspired by the Indigenous Inhabitants of Ecuador’s Amazon and their use of native plants of the rain forest.

“The sounds and smells are combined in such a way that at the end of the ritual  your body and spirit are in harmony and ready to experience this ritual of life.

“First you enjoy a tub infused with guayusa and ishpingo leaves, both plants found only in the Amazon.

“These essences are known by the Amazon people for their stimulating qualities.  They are used in their rituals to heal the inner organs.

“In addition the ritual adds mineral salts, lemon grass and essential oils.

“The body is exfoliated with the guayusa and ishpingo leaves while in the tub.

“Then you are given a 50 minute full body massage using more special oils and techniques with various sizes of bamboo sticks. This 90 minute treatment costs $65.”

“The soak and massage are performed in a chamber especially designed to enhance the spirit and sound of the Amazon,”


Come join us in Cotacachi, the sun, learning, growth and while we are at it, we can go soak in chocolate or go to the Amazon.

La Mirage Cotacachi Spa Treatments

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