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Cotacachi, Ecuador house rentals provide a wonderful place to live and a great…plus inexpensive village to have a house in.

Yet we always suggest a rental before you buy.

And…we suggest at least a visit before you sign a rental.

Here are the types of questions we are often asked about moving to Cotacachi or Ecuador.

“We have many questions about Cotacachi since this is our first attempt to locate our home out of the country.

1) How soon before we leave the country do we need to arrange Passport?

2) Is it a good idea to retain both citizenships? 6 months in each place? Do we actually become an Ecuadorian citizen?

3) What do we do for container shipping the stuff we want to bring? Sell all, buy new? Do we ship by sea carrier to Guayaquil? Land carrier through the Panama Canal? Do we ourselves fly to our city of choice by air? What about my favorite dishes? Recipe books and boxes? My art work and painting materials? Cooking utensils and eating utensils? Towels, bedding? Stationery & cards? Business records? DVD’s and cd’s? Does everything have to be as light as we can make it?

These are all good questions but my advice to readers with such concerns is:

“STOP. Come visit first. Merri and I love Cotacachi and Ecuador we love our Cotacachi home. You may not.

Come look…taste…feel and see if Cotacachi and Ecuador are for you.

This is not just an Ecuador phenomenon. For some time a vogue among many readers had been to move to Switzerland, even though they had never been. This is a very nice place…we used to write a lot about it…but always saying visit…spend some time before you start packing. Most people never even considered the high high price of everything, even a coffee there!

If you visit a new country and if you like what you see…by all means stay…but why not rent first? Live in an area you like. Travel and get to know the country. Get to know the real estate market. Make sure you are happy and make sure you know what you are doing before you buy.

To help readers accomplish this we are building up an inventory of rentals.

Here is one of the rental units…a rustic casita…brand new.

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With this view from the front window.

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Here is the cozy living view with our pumpkin patch hound dog Mahananda (she is among the most traveled Blue Ridge hounds in the world) testing the comfort. She says woof. Translated this means very good.

2422546107 7df179ec1c Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Nice fireplace for chilly evenings.

2423363426 29de713f07 Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Peaceful, quiet views from the garden deck. Lots of birds singing the the morning.
2422549915 7e5f63cb0c Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Deck chairs in the outdoor lounging place…facing the sunrise.

2422551701 fe0f7001df Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Outdoor Bar-B-Q just below.

2423371160 1f577f0c4e Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Nice kitchen with all hardwood cabinets.

2423373222 cff8787a5a Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Light and bright.

2423375180 ab557f09d6 Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Dining for six.

2423378490 465ae605a7 Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Open plan with unique handmade furniture from coffee wood.

2422565865 fed95cca01 Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Ecuadorian botanical art.

2423382370 e9aceca4b2 Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Really comfortable brand new king size bed and lots of hardwood closets.

2423384760 12974c8e3e Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

Plus a second bathroom.

2422568825 7333499183 Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals

This unit is about seven minutes walk to our hotel El Meson de las Flores. Rent of the house includes free full served breakfast plus free broadband and free phone calls to US, Canada and Europe.

Here is where your free breakfasts are served Al Fresco. More on that in an upcoming messages.

2423352726 80534282b3 Cotacachi Ecuador House Rentals



Join us in Cotacachi.

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