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Cotacachi Medical Information - Doctor Fabian Vaca M.D
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Cotacachi medical information is something that many readers seek. How many doctors are there? What about Dentists? Yet Cotacachi medical information is not easy to find.

Doctor Fabian Vaca outside Meson de las Flores

  Indeed, not much medical information is available from Ecuador or other Latin countries. Yet, just because not much information is available that most definitely does NOT mean that there is a lack of health infrastructure in Ecuador or Cotacachi and nearby towns and cities.

  In El Meson we have a list of dentists and doctors who we can call up and make an appointment on your behalf for a consultation or treatment. Most of the treatments are many many times cheaper (maybe the average is six times cheaper) than at home and some are surprisingly alternative. They just not are easily available at home.

  No Cotacachi medical information would be complete with out introducing the doctors and dentists who provide Cotacachi healthcare. My favorite is Doctor Vaca. With good reason I call him the “laughing doctor”. I have never seen him carry out his work in state of mind other than good humor.

  I first heard of this when our long-time friend and reader, Micky Enright, accompanied him to the local old people’s home run by the local nuns. There he showed boundless compassion and enthusiasm as he entered the main lounge by actually taking a spin on an impromptu dance floor with all the ladies who were able to stand and move a little.

Doctor Vaca at the old folks home in Cotacachi

  Doctor Vaca has also treated patients at El Meson too. In one case, someone who surely should not have travelled down here had a pre-existing condition that took a turn for the worse. I translated between the doctor and the patient and as the patient vomited blood, to my un-trained eyes I believed he might even die.

  But Doctor Vaca calmly went about analysing and then treating our client. The care was very professional and caring  and the patient was stabilised using drugs administered via a drip. He then came back three times a day to check on the patient’s progress and was always just a cell phone call away.

  There was no hospitalization and I believe the final bill including all medicines was less than $60. For the patient this was a very unfortunate condition he was accustomed to living with but his wife was extremely concerned. Needless to say after the patient stabilized his wife was immensely grateful and relieved.

  Doctor Vaca was born in Cotacachi in 1952. When he was 19 he took the very unusual turn of heading off to was was then the Soviet Union and now is the Ukraine to study medicine. This has had a profound influence on his subsequent believes because although he studied to be a conventional doctor his studies exposed him to research and education in camps such as energy medicine.

  His first year was spent on preparatory studies and learning Russian in the city of Kharkov. Then in 1972 he began six years of studies at the A.A. Bogomolets National Medical University, named after one of Russia’s most famous pathologists.

A.A Bogomolets National Medical university
Bogomolets National Medical University, Kiev, Ukraine

 When he returned to Ecuador Doctor Vaca, in common with all other Ecuadorian junior doctors, had to give a year’s service in a rural community. At that time, Cotacachi was a rural community and in fact I know another dentist from Quito who was sent to Cotacachi but Doctor Vaca was instead sent in 1978 to a small community deep in the Amazon rain forest!

  After a year there he went to the southern city of Loja in order for his Russian medical title to be re-evaluated so he could receive his Ecuadorian license to practice. Then he had to serve a residence term. This was done in the government clinic at Atuntaqui, a small town just 20 minutes away from Cotacachi. Spep by step, year by year, he was getting closer to his beloved Cotacachi.

  Finally, in 1982, 11 years after travelling as a 19 year old youth to Ukraine he was able to start his own private medical practice here in Cotacachi. Since then Doctor Fabian Vaca has been worked from his own consulting office in Cotacachi and also provided private medical care at the Cotacachi’s old folks home, to 100+ workers at a rose plantation and also the workers at a nearby turkey farm.

Doctor Vaca with a worker at nearby Rose plantation suffering from headaches

Doctor Vaca hasn’t forgotten about helping the community and he still travels once a week to treat an indigenous community on the shores of Lake Mojanda at 10,000 feet.

  Doctor Vaca is a wealth of Cotacachi medical information and much of that has been acquired providing public service as well as private practice. From 1994 to 2002 he worked at Cotacachi hospital and was the Director of the hospital for 4 years. He was also the director of the hospital at Otavalo between 2002 and 2005 where he specialised in peadiatrics.

  Dr.Vaca still has contacts with his student friends in Russia. This was how he was able to acquire software and machinery from a Russian organization that works using acupuncture points and variable thermo-algometry to detect dysfunctions of internal organs and systems and weak parts of regulation.

  Many, many readers who have stayed at El Meson have had this diagnosis with Doctor Vaca which serves as excellent preventative medicine. He also gives recommendations at the end of the diagnosis.  Discover more Cotacachi medical information in upcoming posts including how you can see into the future to discover how your health may be in the months and years ahead.

Doctor Vaca diagnosing the state of my organ functionality

  Those people coming on courses and seminars can pre-book to see Doctor Vaca and other specialists here in Cotacachi and Ibarra. In many cases the money you can save on dental treatment or scans or preventative medicine can pay for your entire trip!

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