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Ecuador Cloud Forest Homes
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Ecuador Cloud Forest Homes

Ecuador cloud forest homes are stunning. We have taken a number of groups down the mountain from Quito near our Hacienda Rosaspamba to Mindo. This is one of the best know birding areas in South America

Our attorney, Dr. Andres Cordova has been developing a premier project there for the past several years called Arboretto.

He just sent me the following note about this project. This is a spectacular green development in the cloud forest about an hour from Quito. As always, we are not selling this project…just passing the information along .


“You are aware of course of our ARBORETTO project in Mindo. We’ve presented the idea to several groups through you with very good feedback. Some of your readers have become participants and we are happy for their trust is now being compensated with a development and concept that should by far exceed their highest expectations.

Here is a shot of one home site


After many months of hard work (years, actually), the experience of having done one of the most successful green projects in one of the most challenging places of Earth and the participation of an increasingly larger group of driven and creative professionals (design, architecture, management, engineering, landscaping, forestry, conceptual and more), ARBORETTO has now taken a qualitatively superior dimension and is poised to become a statement project for Ecuador and beyond.

Here are architectual plans for two houses at the project.

cloud-forest design


We have begun the construction of the main road, which is very advanced by now. The first house is under construction too. Soon we’ll launch an important landscaping and reforestation effort and we’ll commence the construction of the reception house.

The project also has a wonderful river flowing through it.


The next few months should offer dramatic changes in ARBORETTO and the true potential will begin to increasingly show. As we see it, ARBORETTO will be the very best project of its kind in Ecuador. A landmark and statement project that should be an example of the results one gets with passion, drive, creativity and high social and environmental standards.

ARBORETTO will be a resort community where the homeowners may be permanent or temporary residents and will have the option to place their homes into a rental program managed by a structure set up for such purposes. This program will aim for the highest quality of services and for utmost efficiency and rewards for the homeowner.

As ARBORETTO will be the best there is in Ecuador, we are sure it will garner tremendous interest and thus, by being the king of its niche, create a major potential for the participants. The PDF brochure better explains (albeit briefly) the ARBORETTO concept and the principal deliverables. There’s much more than can be said right here right now that will go into ARBORETTO, so we expect participants to be pleasantly surprised in the future.

And BTW, green enterprises such as ours, with active and meaningful social and environmental agendas, normally perform better than enterprises not so driven by these ethical considerations. This is a trend that’s being widely discussed nowadays in business circles and beyond. These projects perform better with the investors and in their bottom line. Read Patricia Aburdene’s Megatrends 2010!

The lots or homesites in ARBORETTO are sized approximately 1.000 square meters each (0.25 acres each). The houses will be secluded amidst trees, plants and landscaped tropical gardens. The communal areas will be extensive, with walkways, parks, lagoons, hummingbird and butterfly parks, tree houses, elevated wooden walkways and more.

The price per lot is of $64.950. This price will likely rise to about $85.000 in a couple of months for several reasons:

– the current price is low in comparison to the deliverables
– in two months significant advancements should be had in ARBORETTO
– this is a statement project that will generate important buzz and following
– the price should be a reflection of the product

Hence, this is a good time to invest and participate in ARBORETTO.

The purchase of a lot in ARBORETTO carries the commitment to build a house with us within two years of purchase. This ensures quality, an aesthetic line and a prompt consolidation of ARBORETTO.

Best regards,

Andrés Córdova & Carlos Tobar

You can get two excellent PDF overviews about the ARBORETTO project from Andres or Carlos at


or cetobar@yahoo.com


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