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Ecuador Holiday Roses
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Ecuador Holiday Roses

Ecuador holiday roses do more than just decorate your home.

We gain three valuable insights about endurance…real beauty and Ecuador business opportunity from last week’s message Ecuador Christmas Roses

That message shared the inspiration of a gift of Ecuador holiday roses on December 9.   Here they were on my dining room table that day.


Insight number one (about endurance) is that Ecuador roses last!  Here  are those Ecuador holiday roses  a week later.


They are still looking good.  We are not talking about little, dinky roses that never open either.  These are real roses…full..and aromatic as you can see in my hand.


To top this off Merri’s and my house is tough on roses. We have a dry, foot thick walls and radiant heat…so dry that we need to run a humidifier when we sleep at night.  Yet these Ecuador roses last.   The plantation sends a note telling how to care for the roses and we follow them…changing water every day..keeping the roses out of direct sun light and breezes..etc.

Yet when these Ecuador roses do droop, they are not done.  We hang them in our kitchen. Here are the Ecuador holiday roses still dressing up the house as they get ready to serve even more!


When dried, we place them in dried flower boquets…with other flowers like these in the kitchen.


and these on the fireplace mantel at the entrance of our home…


and these with pheasant feathers by our staircase.


The provide beauty and remind about the importance of endurance…especially in difficult economic times.

The second insight from these Ecuador holiday roses is about Ecuador business opportunity. Since  the Ecuador Christmas Roses message was sent December 10, readers have ordered (as of December 15),  3,500 roses!  The rose shipper wrote:

“Gary, You may need to come to Ecuador and we should open a rose farm. I have never seen so many orders in such short period of time.   It’s a complete success. Roberto”

This shows the type of potential and demand for Ecuador flowers and the benefit of our Ecuador import export tours.

We look at ways to export roses and hundreds of other products from Ecuador on these Ecuador export tours.

Yet the third insight is the most wonderful of all.  This is an insight about real beauty…a beauty even greater than the roses themselves…the beauty of giving.

The purchase of 3,500 Ecuador holiday roses has already raised $1,400 for Land of the Sun Foundation to help Ecuador’s poor.   Merri and I had sent down $500 in advance…in anticipation, a donation to buy Christmas packages to be distributed at the Cathedral next door to Meson de las flores.   Here is the Cathedral at night.


Ray Manna, our Man in Cotacachi organized a party  so people could come and help put the holiday gift packages together.  This kicked off the season.

Ray sent this note about the party.

The party was a hit. Between 30 and fifty people and the  food and music and dancing were divine. I’m afraid I was so worked up over the event I lost my lunch and next time I need something to calm me down. Well, maybe the learning curve won’t feel so scary next time. I thanked the room on behalf of the Scotts and wished them the best of the season and it kicked off in fabulous fashion. Earlier in
the day I gave Alberto the gift for his daughter and he practically broke down in tears, he was blown away. The staff performed flawlessly and my happiest moments were to see them enjoying themselves dancing and eating. I’m off to bed as I am exhausted by the day and hope to feel fresh in the am. Once again, thanks for all.

Just a reminder that all the funds go directly to the poor in Ecuador and all other parties/celebrations/fun things are supported by us personally not through the foundation.  We will give an update on the other presents that are being readied now..but just in- Santiago, our chef, informs us that he and his motorbike buddies go out to pueblos where cars don’t go (this is outside his hometown of Ibarra) and distribute presents to the children there…which we wholeheartedly are supporting!  What fun…we hope to have pics of him soon.

Here is Chef Santiago in his work uniform.


I’ll try to get some shots of Santiago with his biker buds in the pueblos distributing gifts.  Santa on a bike!

Ecuadorians have unique expressions and ways to give and serve.

On the 18th, when the Christmas Roses offer is finished, we’ll report back in on the totals and the end results.  Thank all of you again…

What grace….commerce between nations…bringing people together in joyous ways…to help others.   We thank everyone who has ordered Ecuador holiday roses.

We thank all the wonderful people of Ecuador who worked to make it possible for people across America to enjoy Ecuador holiday roses in their homes.

We thank the roses…for their gift of life…beauty and the gift of giving that makes this holiday so special.


You can still order Ecuador holiday roses for two more days (through December 18, 2009) at Ecuador Christmas Roses

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