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Ecuador Dentist and Doctor Reports
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Here are stories that Ecuador Living subscribers have shared about Ecuador dentists and doctors.

Ecuador Dentist & Doctor Report #1:

We enjoyed Ecuador’s hospital service, when Merri, fell and dislocated her arm.  Here is what I wrote at the time.

“Everything about this experience was wonderful (as much as a trip to the emergency room can be) from the many people who stopped in the streets genuinely offering help to her, the very understanding taxi driver, rushing wrong ways down streets, taking every short cut, sympathetic and determined to get us there fast.

“At Metropolitano Hospital things really excelled. A Doctor met us at the car. The emergency room was calm. Nurses and Doctors took immediate action, treated us all gently, letting all of us in the treatment room, discussing what had happened, what was going on, how they would help.

“The dislocation was severe. She did not want to have any drugs or be put to sleep, so they called their top specialist. He was in the middle of Sunday lunch in the country but rushed right down (and stayed three hours to make sure, after the final x rays that everything was okay). Dr. Xavier Ramos, an Orthopedic Surgeon, had studied at the University of Madrid and spent 10 years resetting bones without any anesthesia, so quickly, confidently and easily relocated the elbow without once asking her to change her mind and accept the drugs.

“Not once until the ordeal was over did anyone mention costs, who or how we were going to pay. The bill for the emergency room, two emergency room doctors, the cast, six X rays, blood tests and miscellany came to a paltry $47.82. The specialist’s afternoon cost $100.

“There was no push, brusqueness or intimidation felt. We were all treated with courtesy, respect and the whole family was involved, informed and welcomed through the entire process. This helped Merri and me know and think it was good for us too, being there and not worrying in the waiting room. Even more surprising were our Ecuadorian friends who showed up to drive us back to the hotel. How they found out is a mystery still, but the ride so warming, making us feel at home.

What is the price for this genuine sweetness, respect for the patient’s wishes and gentle care? This is something money cannot buy.”

Ecuador Dentist & Doctor Report #2:

“Gary, Just a quick little medical story. When Judy and I were in Ecuador about a year ago we had this experience. We were coming back from the village and I was carrying a glass bottle in a paper bag. Coming up some stone stair I tripped and fell. My hand landed on the bottle which broke and sliced my thumb. It was a pretty good gash and was bleeding like crazy. Judy insisted I go to the local clinic. We called a taxi, the person working the desk went with us, After we arrived, the owner of the hotel came to make sure we were okay.

“A wonderful female doctor and her nurse assistant, took me in, laid me back and very gently talked to me and looked at my cut. They proceeded to very professionally and gracefully numb my thumb, and sew it up with four stitches.

“Excellent treatment, and when I asked them how much I owed them the bill was $5.00 USD. I was shocked and think I gave them a $10 tip which they were very grateful for. A few days later I went back to have them check it to make sure all was well before heading back to the states. There was a different doctor. He unwrapped it, checked it out, cleaned it and re-wrapped it. The cost, an amazing $.50. Yes that was fifty cents. Simple story, but I was blown away at the low cost, and the gentle professional manner in which they treated me. Sincerely,”

Ecuador Dentist & Doctor Report #3:

“Dear Gary and Merri, I have been in Cotacachi Ecuador for several weeks and have watched many happy travelers come and go. Some came for the classes, some for the dentist and some just to have a place to rest after spending many months at hard work.

After hearing the exclamations of a few who had wonderful, therapeutic dermatological facials from an
office in Ibarra, I decided to try one for myself.

“My intention was to simply get the facial, but after arriving and meeting the doctor, I was so impressed with his professional demeanor and his spotless, modern office that I mentioned a cyst that had been bothering me for several years. Imaging my surprise when he said, ‘Of course, let’s take care of it right now.’ In less than half an hour I had the cyst excised painlessly and was bandaged and ready to go. After asking me about any allergies to drugs that I might have, I was handed
instructions and a prescription. My total so far – a remarkable $40.00.

“Our wonderful driver stopped at the “farmacia” (pharmacy) and took my prescriptions to be filled. For a Z-Pak of zithromycin I paid a whopping $14.00. Along with a prescription for a pain medication, an
antiseptic wash and bandages, my farmacia total was $27.00 and some change.

“Before traveling to Ecuador I had checked on having the cyst removed by a dermatologist in Texas.

“Here are my savings – both doctors, in the US and in Ecuador, are specialists.

Low Cost Health Care Comparison

San Antonio Dermatologist Ecuador Dermatologist
$1500 – for simple surgery $40.00
$125 – antibiotics and pain medication $27.35
$12.50 – Shared taxi
$1625 $79.85

“Even factoring in my trip to Ecuador and a hotel bill, I am way
ahead. My doctor was polite, efficient and well trained. His office was
clean, bright and had the latest medical equipment. I was not asked for
any insurance or any money prior to the procedure.

“I did not have the facial that day, but my friend did and was more
than thrilled at her experience. The cost of the facial – $20. Mine is
scheduled for next week!”

“Thanks, Gary and Merri for doing the research and making the information available for those who come and visit. In just a few minutes something that was not dangerous, but had bothered me foryears, was gone, with a tiny incision and a stitch! Wow.”

Ecuador Dentist & Doctor Report #4:

“Once other guests heard this they begin running to town to take care of small cosmetic problems that their health insurance will not cover in the US. Another friend here had a “wart gone bad on my elbow”
removed. The cost? $40 and 15 minutes.”

Ecuador Dentist & Doctor Report #5:

“Dear Gary: Stories of malpractice in the medical community are increasing dramatically in the U.S. What I witnessed myself and my family in the past five years has been an increasing a frustrating
state of careless by doctors. It seems to me that few doctors know what they are doing or does not care about their job.

“They prescribe HRT for women in menopause and then blame the women if something goes wrong or does not work. Or they just prescribe multiple and different type of drugs to older people.

“There is NO research stating the side effects of multiple drugs taken daily. Today surgery seems a normal procedure. Then think about plastic surgeons booming business. It has been totally lost the human touch that used to be the doctor’s magic tool. At least I remember when I was in Italy twenty or thirty years ago about my visiting with doctors, it was absolutely different than today high-tech and no care doctors.

“Why I am writing to you this e-mail? Because I believe that there might be an opportunity to set up an integrated medicine clinic in Quito to serve the American market. I know at least a dozen people here
that are up in arms against the medical community.

“I know that many folks are going to Thailand and India for various procedures that cost one-third in comparison to the U.S. All the guests keep telling me, doctors here are friendly, caring, good and a tenth or less what they cost up north.”

Dental costs are usually 75% to 80% less than in the US.  Join us at a course in Ecuador and pay for the trip with dental savings.

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