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Retire in Ecuador Guide – Save on Ecuador Communications.

When you retire in Ecuador,  you may want to stay in touch with your friends and loved ones up north.

Here is an idea on Ecuador communications shared by a subscriber. He did not retire in Ecuador but visits regularly and shows how anyone can save on phone calls when they visit, live or retire in Ecuador.

Gary, I’ve been subscribing to your newsletter for some time to keep up with things in Ecuador.   I haven’t been able to come down here as often as I would like from my home near Austin, Texas.  I married an Ecuadorian girl, 42 years ago while working in Quito and we return every few years to visit her family.  Sadly, much of the family has passed and our visits have become less frequent.

In Texas, I use the Vonage telephone system in our home.  We have a local Austin phone number and  when coming to Ecuador I carry the small (3″ square) Vonage adapter with me and plug it into the Internet service here.  I now have a phone that has a local Austin phone number and has unlimited toll-free dialing across the US.

This has come in quite handy and I thought you might wish to share this idea with your readers.  Keep up the good work and maybe I’ll catch you next time we go to the Sat. Market in Otavalo.

This is a really great way, for those who retire in Ecuador, live there or just visit, to keep phone bills low.

Vonage is a VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) system.

If you have not used VOIP, Wikepedia describes VOIP as:

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a general term for a family of transmission technologies for delivery of voice communications over IP networks such as the Internet or other packet-switched networks. Other terms frequently encountered and synonymous with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

In simpler terms VOIP is  a system where you speak via the internet.  You hook a VOIP box  to your computer and plug a telephone into the box. One advantage to VOIP is you get to choose your own phone number anywhere in the world.

For example our hotel Meson de las Flores has a VOIP system in Ecuador but the Ecuador VOIP  phone number is a North Carolina number 336-792-4767.

This means we can call the hotel from North Carolina at a lower than international rate.

The other huge advantage is that our hotel guests in Ecuador can use the VOIP system to make calls to the US, Canada and Europe free.

Here in North Carolina, our Vonage VOIP system has a Florida number so our daughter and grandson in Florida can call us from there free.

Two other VOIP systems are Magic Jack and Skype

Last time I tried, Magic Jack did not work in Ecuador but I have been told that it does now. Check for sure before you buy.

Skype works globally and is our communications link with our daughter in Swaziland.

Most Americans and Canadians don’t have enough savings to live well as expats in expensive cities like Paris or London.

Yet you can retire in Ecuador and live surprisingly well.

Ecuador has consistently beautiful weather so retirees need less (or none) heating and air conditioning.   This helps stretch the dollars further than possible up north or in Western Europe. In Ecuador, you can retire and live well on $18,000.

Now with VOIP you can retire in Ecuador and not worry about long distance phone call costs.

Ecuador Living subscribers can learn more from our Ecuador VOIP contact here. Use you Ecuador Living password.

Learn how to obtain an Ecuador Living password here.

Three Retire in Ecuador Tips

Life is more than just money.   Here are three tips that will make your life more enjoyable when you live or  retire in Ecuador.

Check Ecuador out first. Enjoying an Ecuador resort for a week or two is not enough.  Rent a home and live in Ecuador for awhile.   See more about this at Ecuador Beach and Mountain Retirement.

Rent and spend at least a few months in Ecuador before you retire there or make any major purchases.  The challenge of leaning a new language and culture is fun. See more at Ecuador Spanish Course.

When you retire in Ecuador enjoy new but different luxuries.
Luxury differs in every culture and country.  For example in Ecuador, tile roofs, hardwood and ceramic floor tiles  (luxuries in North America) are low cost, standard building supplies.

A regular maid, to do dishes and laundry, costs little.

Yet washing machines and dishwashers are expensive luxuries in Ecuador.

Cars cost a lot in Ecuador.  Cabs and drivers with their own cars are cheap because personal cars have a high duty.   Commercial vehicles can be imported into Ecuador without tax.

People who couldn’t afford housekeepers or gardeners in North America can do so when they live or retire in Ecuador.

Take time to understand the system and compare costs before setting your lifestyle. Hold off on the big fridge. This will cost a lot.  A maid buying fresh food in the market every day creates employment and costs less!

Modern technology makes living in low cost countries and retiring in Ecuador easier and less expensive. When you retire in Ecuador use this retire in Ecuador guide to reduce your cost of communication via VOIP communication.


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