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Ecuador Golf

There are limited golf facilities in Ecuador.

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Guayaquil Ecuador Golf Course.

Ecuador is not a great golfing destination as there are only a handful of private clubs near Quito, Guayaquil, or Cuenca, with 18-hole courses.

These limited opportunities for playing golf in Ecuador however do include some excellent golf courses.  Most of the Ecuador golf clubs have health spas, tennis facilities and more.  Golf clubs can be hired.

Some of the best golf courses in Ecuador are:

The Quito Tennis and Golf El Condado Club. 18 holes, 7,150 yards.  Par 72

The Quito golf course is near the city.  Ecuador.com says the following about the  Quito course. Established in 1947, the Quito club has a spectacular mountain backdrop and it caters for a number of sporting activities, including equestrianism, swimming and tennis and their 18-hole course is laid out in very pleasant but rather undulating parkland to the north of the city. With lush fairways, true greens and many trees, including olive and eucalyptus, Quito is certainly a course well worth playing if you have included Ecuador on your golfing itinerary.  Bear in mind if you are ever lucky enough to tee it up here, the rarified atmosphere at more than 9,000 feet above sea level will allow the ball to fly further than you think so club down accordingly, tiger!

See more here

Telephone: 593-2-24914 or 593-2-2491420 Website:  http://www.qtgc.com

The Los Chillos Golf Club

Los Chillos Golf Club and the Los Arrayanes Country Club are outside Quito and are more exclusive clubs.

Club Los Chillos was founded in 1979 and offers a par 72 with a course rating of 34.5.  The club is about 20 miles from Quito with 11 lakes, a driving range and mountain and forest scenery.  The golf course is almost 8,000 feet above sea level and  has good weather and spectacular views.  This golf club has clay tennis courts, racket facilities, squash courts, soccer fields, volley ball facilities, swimming pools and horse riding.  There is also a  sauna, hairdressing salon, cafeteria, bar and Turkish bath.  People with babies are welcome.

Telephone: 593-2-287-0863

The Los Cerros Golf Club 18 holes. Par 72.

See more here

Telephone: 53-2-233-0196

The Los Arrayanes Country Club. 18 holes.  Par 71.

See more here

Telephone: 593 2 2392000

The Guayaquil Country Club

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Guayaquil Club House.

The Guayaquil Country Club is one of Ecuador’s better golf courses with its history starting
in a 1914 golf tournament in Ecuador.

The Guayaquil Country Club has more than just  golf including two cement tennis courts, horse riding facilities, squash courts and a swimming pool.  The Guayaquil golf course has eighteen holes with stunning fairways. The greens feature Bermuda teifdwarf and the course rating of 72.1 is guaranteed by the USGA.

Website: www.ecuador.com/golf-courses/guayaquil-country-club/

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Guayaquil Fairway.

The Cuenca Tennis and Golf Club.

Telephone:  593-7284-9215

La Verda Golf Club.  18 holes par 72

Telephone: 593-3-496-9231107  Website: www.lavereda.org

See more about the La Verde Gold Club here.

Villar de Olalla Golf Club. 10-holes par 40

Telephone: +34969267198

See more on the Villar de Olalla Golf Club here.

One resort, Hacienda La Carriona, just outside Quito, has had an arrangement allowing guests to play at the Los Arrayanes club.

Telephone: 02/2331-974. Website:  www.lacarriona.com

There are also several 9-hole Ecuador golf courses.

Three Ecuador resorts have 9-hole golf courses. The courses are not very grand but two have wonderful tropical scenery, and the other is very near Ecuador’s Pacific beach.

The 9-hole Ecuador beach resort is the Casablanca Beach Hotel & Golf Club.

Casablanca has a nine hole course designed by Jack Nicklaus.  The downside is we do not recommend the overall area of Esmeraldas.  See Esmeraldas warning here

Telephone: 06/2733-159. Website: www.casablanca.com.

Hacienda Tinalandia is set in the cloud forests west of Quito. Their 9-hole course was designed in the 1970s. On our last visit some years ago the course was very rough but surrounded by a rich botanical forest and a delight for bird watchers.

Telephone: 02/2449-028. Website: www.tinalandia.com

The third nine hole course is at Rancho Totoral Hostería & Laguna Golf Course outside of Ibarra.

This small courses is on a 21.39 acre estate and has pitching and putting, 6 greens on a 5 acre area.  There are six cabins and a complete restaurant and bar.

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Golfers can stay here.

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the cabins.

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There is a full restaurant inside and …

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The lake is Laguna Yaguarcocha, just five minutes north of the city of Ibarra and a little more than half hour drive along main highways north from Cotacachi.

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There is a ridge which runs between the lake and the city of Ibarra and from a local lookout point you get the view of the lake above and also the city below.

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The property is called Rancho Totoral.

Here’s a shot of one of the fairways below with the lake and mountains in the background.

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The altitude here is just under 7,000 feet and as such the climate is warm with only the slightest hint of an early morning chill.  There is the 44 seat restaurant below and the building it’s inside. (The patio can seat a further 100 people).

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This area has a perfect climate around the lake and not surprisingly the lake is a weekend trip destination not just for Ibarra’s inhabitants but also folks from Quito and even further away. Here’s a couple of early morning shots of the lake as I arrived yesterday with the early morning mist just about burned off.

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The golf course itself is the only one in the country north of Quito. You can go round and round the course all day long for $25. It’s pretty much a pitch and put course.

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Here is the bar.

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And if you’re really tired then of course you can always sleep the night in one of the adjoining cabins.

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There’s character in this property.  Here are a couple of shots of the course.

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international investments 108h Ecuador Golf

There is wonderful club house.

international investments 108i Ecuador Golf

Lush Gardens

international investments 108j Ecuador Golf

Guest cottages on the first tee.

international investments 108k Ecuador Golf

Here are more pictures.

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On our last real estate tour.

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Landscaping and…

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the cabanas from…

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far and…

3487280228 fac164072c Ecuador Golf

P.O. BOX 10-01-224  Ibarra
Telefax: (593-06- 2955-544)
Cell:  094805605

This golf course is for sale. See Ecuador Golf Course for Sale for details.


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