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Ecuador Food Prices

See the low cost of Ecuador food.  See Ecuador prices below.

A rising cost of living is causing people to move to lower priced locations like Ecuador and Small town USA.

To see how inexpensive food is in Ecuador we did a check in the main village store of Cotacachi Ecuador.

Here is the entrance to the store.

It feels like old time Smalltown USA before Walmart… stepping back to the fifties. You have to know where the store is… no sign and just one checkout and basic shelves.

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But the products are bar coded and the sales system is computerized. There is a wide variety and prices are low.

The big familiar, brand names are in the store. There are Ecuadorian brand knockoffs and unusual… non branded goods as well.

Food prices have risen in Ecuador as they have globally due to the global food supply issue.   Yet as you’ll see they are much lower then in North America.

A 5lb bag of rice for example is $1.99.
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A 6oz can of tuna is between .60 and .95 cents depending on the brand.

Sugar is .57 cents a pound

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Milk is .30 cents a pint  and comes in bags.

A 2 pint carton of processed mango juice costs $1.53 – those fresh juices are even less.

A 6oz packet of Ritz crackers costs .25 cents… the Ecuador  brand .20 cents

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A large bottle of mineral water costs $1.10.

1 ounce of black pepper costs .32 cents

A 1 ounce packet of oregano costs .28 cents.

A 1 and a half pound bottle of ketchup costs $2.00

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Toilet paper – 12 Ecuadorian basic rolls is $2.79 or 4 rolls of Scott brand at .83 cents

Toothpaste – a 2.54 fl. ounce tube of Colgate triple action is .80 cents

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Dish washing soap is solid and comes in a tub at $1.04 for a 1lb. plus tub such as the Axiom brand and in a typical family home it’d probably last for 2 weeks.

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A 4.25 pint bottle of Coca – cola costs $1.40.

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A box of herbal tea with 25 bags costs .73 cents.

Whiskey is cheap!  a fifth of blended whiskey costs $5.92.

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Granola, fresh mixed is $2.63 for a medium size packet.

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Organic, fair trade Intag coffee $3.18 a pound.  We’ve had it tested and it’s acidity level measures out lower than any other coffee we know of.

A 7 ounce pack of salted peanuts is a dollar.

Imported food though is high.   A Twix candy bar is  .83 cents …
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Ecuador chocolate is better and low cost.  A 10.5 oz bar like the one above costs $1.50.

Low real estate costs… inexpensive transportation and energy, plus food price help keep the cost of living in Ecuador low.

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Low cost living does not mean that standards of living must fall. Whether you choose to live in Ecuador… Smalltown USA or other places with low costs… you can find an enjoyable as well as inexpensive lifestyle.


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