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Recent messages have looked at how ancient Ecuador information can lead to 200% of life… better health and wealth.


See how this exercise connects health and wealth to create 200% success in life.

This old knowing shows that we do not have to give up material comfort for spiritual growth.  In fact reality seems pretty much the opposite. A strong outer life is vital to the inner. A good inner being makes life on the outer better.  Chicken and egg stuff.

The wisdom that supports this thought is not just Ecuadorian.  As we’ll see  this valuable antiquity of IN-formation is far from uniquely Ecuadorian… or even Andean… or even South American.  This is global news… a universal gift.

However the ancient wisdom reflected in Ecuadorian culture may be closer to the surface than in any parts of the industrialized world because such a large percentage of  Ecuador’s population are indigenous. Yet Ecuador and the indigenous are also well enmeshed in the global economy.   This part of  Ecuador’s culture has been really poor so has not been so embraced by commercialism.   There are few factories manned by indigenous Ecuadorians.  Thus advertising and industrialized mindsets have not frayed all the threads connecting the past.   The indigenous community still maintain deep connections with the ancient wisdom of their culture.

As much as the Spanish tried to stamp out native beliefs, a large part of the old ways still In-form the nation and the people’s outer and inner being.

Ecuador’s ancient wisdom sees a quantum reality that we really do create our health, our wealth and even our world… just as Western scientists are now awakening to these quantum mechanical realities of life.  These Insights recognize the connection between health and wealth… the need for 200% success in life… 100% health and 100% wealth.

These Ecuadorian truths are supported by the thoughts and images sent to us by wise people globally who had this figured out eons ago.

Whether one or a few persons figured this out and spread the word or whether many spontaneously came to these understandings globally or at staggered times, I do not know.

What we can see are connections.

Ancient wisdoms globally remind us of the importance of how we process information.  Few things have a greater impact on our health, survival, happiness, wealth and success because that act of processing creates our world.

I was reminded of this long ago at an Ecuador market.   Merri and I lived in the mountains with a shaman and we often visited indigenous markets.  One day the yatchak bought us a wooden carving of an ancient indigenous priest,  in a position of what could be considered exercise and or prayer. (Later we’ll see how it is both.)

This figurine is special to me because the shaman shared how this and a number of other figurines were enshrined in Spanish museums and how ironic this was.

The Spanish he said had worked hard to eradicate all signs of the indigenous past. The Indigenous medicine and wisdom had very ancient origins. Much of the knowledge had been passed on orally, but much was passed on via coded painted wood and also preserved in Khipus (strings that passed through a knotty alphanumeric system).

During the Spanish invasion in 1533, priests destroyed as much of this information as they could but in a huge irony preserved in their museums a great deal of the local art which they believed to be decorative.

The shaman explained how the Spanish destroyed a great culture and a great medicine, but unknowingly left behind clues….these figurines. The one he gave me showed a position of prayer and an exercise.

Then he explained that one did not go without the other…if our bodies were to correctly process information they needed to be healthy and balanced.

After hearing this I began seeing how ancients all over the world realized these facts. This knowledge was shared in many connections between the mystic wisdom of Europe and the East and the Incas. The connections were strong. Even ancient languages share a common root. The root of Quichua, the language of the Andes, is Sanskrit. Yet there is more.


After receiving the figurine, sometime later I was inducted into an ancient order, the Knights Hospitaler, which has Western European roots dating back a thousand years.

Knowledge of symbols was shared with me by the Grand Prior, and I spotted something that even he did not know.

He introduced me to one of the grand symbols of the Order.

It was almost identical to my Ecuadorian figurine.

Here is the thousand year old symbol of the Knights Hospitaler and the Ecuadorian figurine.

Figures that Send IN – formation From Continents and Worlds Apart

There you have it… an amazing connection where prayer and exercise meet.

This exercise, which is best taken at sunrise…


is connected to an ancient exercise (called the sun salute) that exercises all…




the major muscle groups and…


opens the various…


energy process points in our bodies.


See all 12 positions in this exercise below.

What a message! We should thank those wise people who coded these secrets of material and spiritual life into this one picture.  Some would call it calisthenics… others prayer. What a connection… the present and the past…  the ancient and the modern… the body and the spirit… bring 200% of life… abundance and good health.


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Sun Salute Positions.