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More Ecuador & IRS

A recent Ecuador message Ecuador and the IRS looked at a US reader living in Ecuador who had not filed tax returns for several years.

I recently took some shots of Cotacachi Ecuador at night.


Here is Cotacachi market at night.

We love the village as it feels really safe and secure for early morning and evening strolling.

Having lived outside the US for more than 20 years I know that there is a certain aura of safety from the Big Brother feel you can get in the US.  One feels beyond the IRS… SEC… FDA and the multitude of American authorities that regulate almost every aspect of live in the US.

However if you live in Ecuador or wherever, and from wherever you have moved…  even if you do not plan on living back in your country of citizenship… be sure to obey any laws that regulate citizens living abroad.

That is why this site shared the IRS story.  US citizens are required to file US tax returns even if they live abroad and never return to the US.

The reader mentioned in the last IRS post became concerned and wrote again when someone told the reader that not filing is a criminal offense:

Gary I didn’t know this was criminal…I left two messages for the IRS guy in California… he called himself an officer on his voice mail message… is that what they are from the IRS… officers?  Anyway, I let him know that I lived in Ecuador and my cell phone number here, along with an email address…haven’t heard back at all, but left 3 messages in the course the day.  I also went to the website for Quito and called the office, but no answer so if you have a contact for me, I’d appreciate it!

Sensing concern in this reader’s note, I advised her to check with my tax attorney.  I thought his reply was something anyone living anywhere should know.

Gary:  It is not a crime to owe the IRS money. I recommend that the past returns be filed.  Showing whatever income there was in the particular year.  Then the filing of the return issue is over.  If the return shows a tax due, then you pay whenever you can.  Not much they can do if you cannot pay.  In today’s economy non-payment is common.  This is not an attorney issue.  It is a CPA or tax preparation company to complete those unfiled returns.  The payment can come later.

Learn more why you may want to move to Ecuador to get out of the US… but YOU MAY NOT want to get totally out of the the US dollar.


Back to Cotacachi at night, here are…


two more shots of Cotacachi market at night.

There is a quiet peacefulness in the village.  The evening air is mountain fresh.    cotacachi-safety

The leather shops close but the food stores remain open.

Children are out playing.

Here is a shot of Cotacachi cathedral and our hotel Inn Land of the Sun.


Learn about an important currency event.

There is a link below about important Ecuador tax information and the IRS, but first… see a Borrow Low breakthrough.


The US dollar is Ecuador’s currency and often it makes sese to bet against the US dollar.  However… this is not always the case.  I hung this Japanese art in our bedroom to continually remind me that there is always a currency wave breaking somewhere.

See why there may be a currency tsunami in China and Japan now.


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