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Here are two Ecuador health tips for those who want more energy at high altitudes.

The first tip is drink Canela (cinnamon) Panela (unrefined cane sugar) tea when in Quito and at other high Andean altitudes. This is a shamanic cure we share with all who visit with us.  This tea helps combat altitude problems.

This is a simple remedy for altitude sickness.

Let me add the fact that altitude does not seem to impact people in Ecuador the way it does in the northern and southern hemispheres.  Perhaps all the sun causes more foliage and hence more oxygen.

For example, where I grew up in the Cascades… the timberline at Mt. Hood is about 7,000 feet.


Yet in Cotacachi… one of our haunts in Ecuador… there is a lot of active farming. Here we are..


Merri and me hiking at about 10,000 feet and there is…


still a lot of forest above us.  Cotacachi is far below.

However some have trouble with altitude and the advice below sent to us by our good friend, Jean Marie Butterlin, who conducts our Ecuador shamanic tours and Cotacachi Spanish courses.

He has just written:  Live better and longer using this simple little yet unknown secret… Don’t leave home without it!

My name is Jean Butterlin and I have been in the natural health business for well over 20 years.  If there were just one product I could take with me on a long trip, then it would be this one, I am going to tell you about.

When I first learned about that product a few years ago, my jaws just dropped; I had been taking my Coenzyme Q10 (also known as ubiquinone) regularly for years, and have been studying the numerous health benefits, and all the medical studies that been published.

Yes, I knew about the anti-oxidant qualities of CoQ10 as well as the nutrients it was providing to the heart’s energy producing cells (also called mitochondria), the gum disease prevention and cancer prevention qualities.

But then out came the “Ubiquinol”, not to be confused with “Ubiquinone”…a new and refined form of Coenzyme Q10 and what a difference it can make in your life!

The studies that were published showed that Ubiquinol is 8 times more efficient than Ubiquinone. (See below the abstract of just one of these studies from the University of Berkeley, CA.)

Here is also an excerpt of Dr. Langsjoen from Tyler, TX has to say :

“The effects of Ubiquinol on late-stage heart failure patients resulted in striking improvements beyond anything I’ve seen in 25 years of cardiology practice,” said Dr. Langsjoen, who conducted the research in Tyler, Texas. “It is my strong feeling that this Ubiquinol product is a major breakthrough.”

CoQ10 has been used for a long time in natural medicine, especially to help the heart function more efficiently, because heart cells contain a lot of these mitochondria, and because of all the efforts and energy they need to produce to pump blood around the system.

Ubiquinol is much more soluble in the blood and therefore does more easily get to the cells.

This improved absorption of the Ubiquinol for me is not negligible because 150 mg of Ubiquinol will give the same concentration in the blood as 1200 mg of Ubiquinone. I had been taking only 200 mg of Ubiquinone ; now with just 50 mg of Ubiquinol you can get the benefit of 400 mg of Ubiquinone.

This form is also the closest form of the cellular CoQ10.  The price difference is well worth it !

I use it every day and have seen the benefits especially when I am skiing (I have more endurance now at age 55 than when I was 25), or doing strenuous exercise, or when I live in high altitude places like in the Ecuadorian Andes.

The available CoQ10 in human body decreases with age progressively to become practically non existent at age 50.

This fact will produce an acceleration of the aging process, as well as a weakening of the heart muscle, the immune system and vitality in general.

Why should someone take Ubiquinol ?

As an anti-aging supplement, because of its powerful anti-oxidant role (it is a scavenger of free radicals mostly responsible for our aging process), its cardiovascular protection, its influx of energy and muscle toning.

For the people who exercise or people lacking energy, Ubiquinol will increase endurance, athletic  performance and decrease cramps.

For immunostimulation : because it will stimulate white cell production and natural killer cells (anti-cancer).

It is also used for treating periodontosis  (chronic inflammation of the gum, which can cause teeth loss).

How much should someone take?  Health care professionals, that I know, are suggesting 50mg for prevention up to 150mg/day for more in depth action.

Proc. Nati. Acad. Sci. USA
Vol. 87, pp. 4879-4883, June 1990

Medical Sciences
Division of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of California, Berkeley,

ABSTRACT It is well known that ubiquinone-10 (coenzymeQ10, ubiquinone 50) acts as an electron carrier of the respiratory chain in mitochondria. In this paper we show that ubiquinol-10, the reduced form of ubiquinone-10, also efficiently scavenges free radicals generated chemically within liposomal membranes. Ubiquinol-10 is about as effective in preventing peroxidative damage to lipids as ae-tocopherol, which is considered the best lipid-soluble antioxidant in humans.

The number of radicals scavenged by each molecule of ubiquinol-10 is 1.1 under our experimental conditions. In contrast to a-tocopherol, ubiquinol-10 is not recycled by ascorbate.

However, it is known that ubiquinol-10 can be recycled by electron transport carriers present in various biomembranes and possibly by some enzymes.

We also show that ubiquinol-10 spares a-tocopherol when both antioxidants are present in the same liposomal membranes and that ubiquinol-10, like a-tocopherol, does not interact with reduced glutathione.

Our data together with previous work on the antioxidant function of ubiquinol reported in the literature strongly suggest that ubiquinol-10 is an important physiological lipidsoluble antioxidant.

If you want the benefits of altitude at the Ecuador… wonderful spring like weather… few bugs and incredible views… but are concerned about having energy in the mountains… try these two tips for altitude assistance.


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