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The Power of Andean Music

There is power and more in Andean music.

Jean Marie Butterlin, who conducts our Ecuador shamanic tours, just sent me some photos of the last Ecuador shamanic tour.


Jean Marie Butterlin.

The photos showed the connection between frequency and…


sound.  Here is Clemencia, Shamana of Zuleta, conducting a ceremony on the tour… using the frequency of color from the flag and sound from the vegetable rattles.

On another segment of the shamanic tour the group headed up past Mt. Imbabura and Mt. Cotacachi to the crater lake Quicocha and…


as they headed out to a sacred shore for another ceremony… the Taita Yatchak used…


pan pipe music. He played for the group.


He used this music in the purification ceremonies as well and…


plant frequencies also.


This really clicked with what’s in today’s message at my www.garyascott.com site Music & Earthly Vibrations. This is an article that examines the impact of music and sound on our health, wealth and lifestyles.

As in music so in life.

The history of Ecuador’s Andes is contained in a lot of sweet, lively… happy… energetic music.  You can hear what I mean in the youtube Andean music from musicians in Peguche, that we take our tour delegates to hear.

So it is not with surprise when I read this note about the Andes from a reader who just visited there.

Merri, I have just returned from Ecuador. I spent some time in Cotacachi, 
Otavalo, Papallacta, Tumbago, Cumbaya and Quito. As you have  written 
in your email letters this is very exciting country.

Your episode has
 reminded me of a midnight walk along 6 Dieciembre Street in Quito where two young teenagers were ready to fight after noisy non polite words and arguments. The police came and started to talk to these teenagers who were obviously under the influence of beer. After five minutes of conversation everyone went home. The police did an excellent job instead of killing someone. This is similar to the experience Merri related.

Can you imagine now, how much taxpayer’s money was saved compared t those young people being arrested?

The next thing I observed is that native people and business people running enterprises are very friendly and useful. I am considering a move 
to Ecuador and to run two special businesses.  I was going to do a background check for them and I am very

Ecuador is a country for doing new ventures with the indigenous who respect our time, rights to the land and its resources for sure.

My daughter is a journalist and she is going in September to Eco Resort close to the Galapagos Islands to participate in 5 weeks course of teaching English organized for people with university degrees by Cambridge University.  After that she will stay for 7 or 8 months to teach English in one of American Schools in the Quito area. She is writing some articles to magazines about Ecuador’s National Park Project that collects money to save the parks from oil mining ventures. These parks have more tree species than all of North America.

One day when I will come again to Ecuador and will be happy to meet you though I was able to visit Cotacachi and your hotel.  I spent 2
 nights in Otavalo. The hotel was a beautiful peace of real estate but very noisy. People getting to the market make a great deal of noise during the night. They serve very tasty Ecuadorian organic coffee with warm, raw milk.  Lunches of native food for 2 people was $5.90 for a 3 course meal. It was even less, $5.40 in downtown Quito.

The reader was referring to a previous message that mentioned the Ecuador police and said:

Typical Ecuador village police station.


Over 15 years, we have had only good experience with the Ecuador police.

The Cotacachi police are not aggressive.


The police are friendly and helpful.


Plus we have had a number of stories like the one below from a reader who left her bag in the business center at the Quito Radisson Hotel.  It was stolen from the room.  Weeks later she wrote:

“Dear Gary, can you believe, the Quito police, working with the Radisson Hotel, found my  briefcase with the computer and other small items and sent them to me by Federal Express.   I had provided them with the receipts of all the items stolen. I was reimbursed via bank transfer for the items they were not able to send me (camera and cellular phone).   I still can’t believe it .  This was such a good ending and so unexpected.  I send you all love, and good thoughts.”


We have found the police more friendly and less aggressive than in the US.


The Cotacachi police are tolerant as well.

Cotacachi’s system allows for a human touch, for interpretation of the spirit of a regulation that goes beyond the letter of the law. For example the man below stands in one of the main intersections of the village and directs traffic. Dressed in the typical gray cameo of the Ecuador traffic police, he has his whistle, works all day, saves the community the cost of a stop light. He gets the job done. Yet he is not a policeman. He is not employed by anyone. He is handicapped and people just leave him to earn this humble living.  he helps… no harm done… so he is not bothered.


This is refreshing at a time when the police in North America are becoming more  aggressive.

One course delegate from South Texas told me that he was stopped by the police for just driving in the country, doing nothing wrong, except perhaps having a car with tinted windows.  He was stopped three times.   The stops, he said, “were not pleasant”… the TSA agents were on the verge of being rude… hostile… for no reason. He made the mistake… just once of trying to make a joke and was severely reprimanded by the officer.

Yet in the US this aggression problem may get worse.

An excerpt from a recent article at newsone.com “Houston Police Found Not Guilty In Shooting Of Baseball Player” by By Casey Gane-McCalla says:

HOUSTON — A Bellaire police officer was found not guilty of shooting an aspiring baseball player in a case that sparked claims of racial profiling, KPRC Local 2 reported.  Jurors deliberated for nearly four hours before finding Bellaire police Sgt. Jeffrey Cotton, 40, not guilty of aggravated assault by a public servant for the 2008 shooting that injured Robert Tolan, the son of former major leaguer Bobby Tolan.

Tolan, 24, testified he was on one knee protesting Cotton pushing his mother when he was shot in the chest at his family’s home in Bellaire early New Year’s Eve 2008 after officers mistakenly tried to arrest him and his cousin for driving a stolen car. An officer typed in the wrong license plate when checking Tolan’s sport utility vehicle.

Another excerpt from a USA Today article  entitled “Police brutality cases on rise since 9/11”  By Kevin Johnson says: Federal prosecutors are targeting a rising number of law enforcement officers for alleged brutality, Justice Department statistics show. The heightened prosecutions come as the nation’s largest police union fears that agencies are dropping standards to fill thousands of vacancies and “scrimping” on training.

We hear increasingly violent music in the North, see increased violence and more police brutality.

Lyrics to music like this song from the Sex Pistols “Anarchy in the UK” has become popular.


Here is a music emotion test. As in life so in music.

To feel what this means just listen (not too long I suggest) to the Sex Pistol’s Anarchy in the UK at YouTube

Then listen (the longer the better you’ll feel) to the classical baroque music like we use in our Super Thinking course.  Compare your feelings.

And we see English police shooting innocent people.  This type of problem is growing in the US, Canada and across the Western world and will increase the forcefulness of the US law enforcement and make contact with the police less pleasant.

As in music… so in life.

Ecuador also has an invasion of destructive Western music as it is being reshaped by the global market place.  Yet the music of the Andes remains a powerful force that means all of us can enjoy sweetness for some time to come because as in music… so in life.

Until next message may you be surrounded by joyful sweet music and your needs for police be few.

to read today’s message at my www.garyascott.com site click here Music & Earthly Vibrations.


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