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Ecuador Banking Gift

Here is an Ecuador banking gift.

Multi currency bank safety has become a big concern in these troubled times. Trust has been eradicated from the system which leaves investors wondering more about risk.

Today is my 64th birthday and I would like to thank you for sharing the day with me.  Years ago Merri started a tradition in our family… that on our birthdays we give gifts to others instead of receiving them ourselves… so read below for an Ecuador gift to you worth $200.

I will do almost anything to learn ways to help my readers. Here’s proof of the pudding.


This may look like I slipped and fell in the mud.

Actually I was trying out a little known natural volcanic pool near our home on Ecuador’s Pacific coast. The clay is said to purify and heal. Here I am in that pool with the Ecuadorian natives!


Imagine this.  I am now collecting Social Security.  This decision has nothing to do with retirement.

Merri’s and my health, energy and vitality are good. We love what we do. Why not keep on going especially in these fun filled, challenging times of incredible opportunity?  But to take advantage of the opportunity we have to be sure we are not wiped out in the current currency and banking volatility.

So let’s look at bank safety and since we share so much about Ecuador at this site, let’s look at Ecuador’s banks. 

No bank can have a better credit rating than the country it is in!  Instead of looking at banks, Ecuador as a nation has a B3 Moody’s rating, CCC Fitch rating and B- from Standard & Poor’s. These ratings are somewhere between “highly speculative” and “substantial risk.” No matter how you cut it…the credit agencies are all saying “Do not leave a lot of money laying around in Ecuador”.

However, you may want to have a bank account in Ecuador for convenience.

One subscriber recently asked if non residents can open Ecuadorian bank accounts. Here is a reply from our attorney.

We’ve spoken to quite a few banks about the subject lately and they all require that the foreigners be residents for them to open a bank account (checking account). Some banks, however, will allow non residents in the process of obtaining residency to open a savings account. I will check with some other banks but this does seem to be a general policy among them.”

So here is the $200 gift arranged with Jean Marie Butterlin at Morya Ecuador Discovery tours. Jean Marie offers all the Ecuador tours advertised at this site and he writes:

Gary, Exciting news!  I have met this morning with Marco Flores Davila, the manager (gerente) of the Pichincha Bank in Otavalo.

We will be able (as Morya Discovery Ecuador SA) to offer free of charge to our delegates the help to open a bank savings account at Pichincha just with a letter of recommendation from MDE signed by me.

He does this because he knows us and the Land of Sun.

All the people who help expats to do that charge usually $200 (including attorneys) as it is quite difficult to open a bank account because the basic requirement is to have a cedula.  Pichincha Bank will meet this requirement for our clients with or without the cedula! Regards, Jean Marie

This was very great news from Jean Marie!  Service is available through Jean Marie to his delegates at any of the 2010 or 2011 Ecuador tours or Ecuador Living subscribers


Life in Ecuador is good. Knowing how to bank safely makes it even better and I hope that this gift and these ideas make Ecuador better and easier for you.

Get two more birthday gifts from me here.


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