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Here is a Bahia, Ecuador real estate update by Jean Marie Butterlin.

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Evening view fro a Bahia condo.

There is greatly increased activity in the Bahia area.

First a reminder.

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Four days left to order Ecuador valentine’s Roses.

New developments that start in Bahia are often sold out in a few weeks. There are growing purchases of raw land and apartment resales also.

The reason for this strong market is that Bahia real estate prices were very high. The Bahia market was one of the strongest in Ecuador until 1998 when there was a bad earthquake that devastated the city.   Bahia real estate pricies collapsed and stayed low for almost ten years.

This meant that there  was no new Ecuador real estate developments in Bahai over the last 10 years.  Now as expats flood to Ecuador’s coast… Bahia is a prime target.  In 1999 after the earthquake the city declared itself Ecuador’s first eco city so it is a clean healthy, coastal touwn.

Now new developments are starting up.   Three just popped up. My wife Pascale and I fell in love with Bahia and have invested in one of the new projects.  The new project reminds us of our Spanish home on the Costa Blanca, south of Valencia, but much better and…much much cheaper !

We are spending more and more time in Bahia, and are discovering gems (like beach front properties at $12/m2 – $1.20 a square foot).   Around Canoa and Jama, beach lots are selling  at $80 and $100/m2 ($8 to $10 a square foot).;

5397874027 1da955a5eb Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Bahia condo…

5398474608 33dca405d8 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

at sunset.

5398475012 c144e867d5 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

I am reserving these hidden gems for our delegates who come on my February Ecuador Mid Coast tour.

Here is one property we’ll see with a million dollar view.

5398856237 003e0f1d67 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Pascale and I have spent days roaming the beaches from San Vicente to north of Pedernales for available land and properties.   We have found incredible deals. If you can you start with good connections, speak good Spanish and ask the right questions… plus make friends wining and dining you get to the bottom of who owns what land and at what price it really can be purchased. The last thing you want is to pay is the « gringo price »  so I always check what Ecuadorians have paid for comparable nearby properties.

For example before buying my new condo, I made a enquiries about who had purchased in the same complex and at what price. I checked out the price paid for the condos up and downstairs.   I found out that the majority of the condos already had been sold to Ecuadorians at the same price.  This helped me know the price was right.

We have also discovered several small islands, a mere 10 minutes from shore by boat. You can buy land and live a very very private life…..

I have also found architects willing to built beach houses for around $300/m2 ($30/sq.ft) instead of the $650 to $750/m2  ($65 to $75) that most people quote in Bahia.  Getting the right prices and right construction are all about  “who you know”! This is why our tours and an Ecuador Living subscription can help you save… often a lot… plus help you avoid making some serious errors.

Jean Marie

At the Gary Scott February Mt. Dora seminar you can learn how to get special value in Bahia real estate and house lots in Ecuador for $1,000.

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Mid Ecuador coastal real estate offers sun and sea… beauty and convenience from Manta to Bahia and points north of Bahia at a low cost.

Ecuador Mid Coast Property Tours

Feb. 25-26-27, 2011.

March 23-24-25

May 17-18-19

This three day tour takes five  days in total.  One day is for travel to Manta. Three days is to  inspect real estate.  The fifth day is to return to Quito.

Here are delegates on a previous Ecuador mid coast real estate tour.

4075654080 89b799fd7a Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Mid Ecuador Coastal Tours Enroll here  $499 Couple $749

Be sure to state date and tour in your reservation!

I am Jean Marie Butterlin and conduct the Ecuador coastal tours from Manta to Bahia and north.

How is this for an Ecuador “on – the – beach” front yard?

2961846136 6c1e1859ee Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Would you like this sunset view on Ecuador’s coast from your front room?

2929234288 a3a75ce1d5 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Would a one minute amble, if this were your local Ecuador beach property restaurant, do good for your heart…and soul?

2981431239 ba8c554a73 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

What if the food came fresh from these fishermen who set out to sea and brought back their fresh seafood bounty to share for just a dollar or two?

2982292826 7eabbd6d3e Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

On our Ecuador coastal real estate tours we view a 90 miles stretch of beach from Manta to north of Bahia.

2982300164 0021d8e6d6 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

The tours focus a half day each on Manta, Crucita, San Clemente and Bahia and over the new Chone bridge.

Here is a view from houses built above Crucita. Our condos are just off the beach about three fourths of the way to the bluff in the distance.  Here is a house for sale in Crucita, front…

4075667066 c5e4e9fcd9 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

and back…asking $105,000.

4075668232 44b3a815b2 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Is this close enough to the beach?  Remember that tides and high waves diminish as they grow closer to the equator and this beach is on the equator…in Ecuador.  There are no hurricanes on the equator and much less worry about coastal erosion.

The Ecuador mid coast real estate inspections begin in Manta, which is the major city where you will see condos houses, theaters, shopping malls etc. We view many Manta condos like this, with…

4075665024 1403cb139d Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

views like this.  They typically run about $100 a square foot.  This is usually the most expensive price you’ll see… by far.

4074926131 296f495e94 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Here is another Manta condo with…

4075537673 09001ce2ee Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

this view from…

4076292004 6f8bbe0cac Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

this balcony.

This condo has a nice infinity pool with quite a view.

4076294750 3e26f06ea0 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

We look at Ecuador beach property in San Clemente also…  here at Palmazul Spa.

2981864785 18f9aa6400 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

The Spa is also the clubhouse for the Vistazul condos.  Condos here offer immense value. Here is a picture taken from Palmazul Spa on one of our real estate tours. Delegates were visiting the first Vistazul condos as they were being finished.

These are 1,200 square feet, two bedroom, two bathroom condos selling as low as $79,000 including clubhouse membership.

The tour actually begins a day before we start looking at real estate when we fly from Quito to Manta. We then travel from Manta by luxury bus and inspect real estate for two days and return to Quito on the fourth day.

We stay at Palmazul and see the Vistazul project where the spa facilities are available to home owners. Nice… living in a spa, on a beach, Palmazul. Tennis court, pool, beach, fine dining, exercise room and all.  The hotel provides nice discount to tour delegates by the way.. only $60 a night ($45 per person for double occupancy) plus 22% service & tax. This includes breakfast & dinner.

Here is one of our tours looking at condos offered for $30,000

2981454411 a9596df12a Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Here they are looking at a $25,000 house.

2981458539 db88b8f221 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

This is the house.

2981642193 f152f99091 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Plus we view these cute little, three bedroom houses just off the beach that are $23,000.

2981462521 ec68693ac7 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update.

We look at the top side of the market also.

Then we’ll head north to Bahia, the nicest town on the coast, Bahia has 50,000 people and is Ecuador’s first Eco City. We view condos, houses and lots for sale along the way. Here is the center of Bahia.

2981460045 6824937902 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

The Bahia Yacht club

2982269018 b6f9169050 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Bahia’s promenade.

2981581011 ae5ec4d43c Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

We’ll stop by La Piedre, a wonderful hotel on the sea in Bahia, for a cuppa.

2981571563 3a74739bf0 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

We’ll also stop by Casa Ceibo an old house transformed into…

4075682306 3106334f02 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

a luxury, boutique hotel that…

4075541529 07d03b516b Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

our delegates enjoy.

4074926891 9c4cca5f5d Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

We cram in as many properties as we can without neglecting time for fun. Many of us hit the surf in front of Palmazul each morn.

We also take walks on the empty San Clemente beach.

2982260118 90a0bfa0c7 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Or sometimes we just kick back and relax.

In Bahia, the future Punta del Este of Ecuador, we head north.

Here are some photos from the last coastal tour, the first time delegates spent one and a half days in Bahia, San Vicente, Canoa and Jama.

The bridge above the Chone River is open and a new road from San Vicente (just north of Bahia) to Pedernales is well underway.  The 4 lane road from Bahia to Manta should be finished within the next 2 years (which will put Manta at 45 minutes from Bahia), and the airport in San Vicente is being upgraded.

All this new infrastructure has created a lot of interest so each mid coast tour updates what is happening on the real estate market.

Bahia has maybe 20 apartments/houses for sale out of which about 10 are of any interest.  Prices are still lower than Manta at about $60 to $70/sq.ft.

5253531013 da1c5832d3 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Here are delegates on our real estate tour looking at a 1,200 square foot Bahia condo offered at $76,000.

The view is spectacular.  The completed bridge is seen in the distance.

5254149536 54dd560828 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Bahia has several new condo projects right on the beach. Three are in various stages of development, one sold out very quickly.  Another is 40% sold and construction will start in January for a completion in December 2011 at prices ranging from about $80/sq.ft to $115/ sq.ft.   This is a good option if one can wait.

I have negotiated some freebies with the developer for our delegates and Ecuador Living subscribers.

San Vicente-Canoa: There is growing activity in these areas right now.  Beach lots outside of Canoa run about $80/sq. m2 although there are distortions in this market.

5254155630 dbd2ff92c9 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Delegate at a Canoa beach restaurant.

For example we found two lots currently for sale in the $45/sq.m2 range.  These lots will be snapped is a deal that will be snapped up quickly.   Closer to Canoa and in Canoa lots can will cost anywhere from $100 to $200/sq.m2.

Canoa-Jama: There are 2 developments I like.  One in Coco Beach but all beach lots are sold so one must wait for resales.   One is in Jama where an Ecuadorian is buiding nice beach  houses in the $200,000 range with about 300 sq.m2 which have a nice terrace.

5253519949 e70141c4f8 Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Here is a 3,000 square foot house on the beach…

5253524115 a0f8a6f56b Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

in Jama for…

5253527137 99e3678b2e Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update


Back to Bahia and Rentals.

In Bahia there is a very good rental market and there are about 25 days of the year that earn such high rental returns that some owners make 6% to 7% of the condo’s value in less than one month’s renting!

Owners can then enjoy the condo for the rest of the year and have a nice income to cover some expenses.

Bahia has all the features to become the “Punta del Este” of Ecuador within ten years. I can see more and more of the nice yachts coming into the bay, the jetset flooding in during the holiday seasons and more developments in the near future.

5253513147 abb12fa76d Bahia Ecuador Real Estate Update

Delegates on our tour viewed the yachts at the Bahia Yacht Club.

The town is clean, safe and has a brisk night life.  The views on the bay and the Pacific Ocean are just breathtaking.   There are not many places like this left in South America or elsewhere with such low prices.

We welcome you to come down.

What specific properties will we see? I do not know. We research the tour just before we start, inspecting land and buildings that are for sale at that moment so we can maximize the efficiency of your trip. Our goal will be to find a cross section of property.

In the end you enjoy are four days of travel with like minded souls led by experienced travelers and real estate buyers and our trained staff, who know the area…who can provide you with all the important reliable contacts you need…attorneys…property inspectors… architects and brokers who can work with you… in English.

I guarantee that you’ll save time… and avoid trouble. You’ll gain safety,  get to see many more properties on wonderful surf and sand.. than you would see on your own.

The tour fee includes the course, all bus travel, plus pickup and return to Quito airport if required.

The fee does not cover internal travel or round trip air fare from Quito to Manta, accommodations or food. Quito Manta round trip fares are $98 at time of this writing. Palmazul is $60 per night ($45 per person for double occupancy) plus 22% service and tax including a full breakfast and dinner. A typical lunch is $5.

We welcome you on this tour.

Jean Marie.

2010 Mid Ecuador Coastal Tours Enroll here  $499 Couple $749


Feb. 25-26-27

March 23-24-25

May 17-18-19

Ecuador multi course adventures can help you save.

Normal course and tour fees are up to $499 or $749 for a couple.  Here are your savings.

Two Pack… 2 seminar courses & tours $998 Couple  $1,349 Save $149 on couple

Three Pack… 3 seminar courses & tours   $1399 Couple  $1,899 Save $98 single or $348 on a couple or more

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Six Pack… 6 seminars courses & tours  $2,199 Couple $3,099 Save $795 single or $1,395 on a couple or more

See Multi tour adventures and how they provide large discounts.

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