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There is a special Bahia, Ecuador beach bargain we announced earlier to our paid premium Ecuador Living subscribers.


Ecuador Living has been using the purchasing power of its readers to gain incredible Ecuador real estate deals for subscribers.

We have over 22,500 readers in our list. We send a message every day. This creates a lot of exposure for Ecuador real estate and unlike many websites that promote Ecuador real estate… we are not selling property.   This creates special opportunities for our Ecuador Living subscribers and delegates on the Ecuador real estate tours advertised at this site.

I will review numerous benefits of the Ecuador real estate tours in a moment. First, let’s look at one opportunity that an Ecuador Living subscription and the Ecuador real estate tours can bring.

Developers… and even government officials are aware of the huge Ecuador following our sites have … combined with the fact that we are not seeking commissions or remuneration on the sale of Ecuador real estate.  This means that many of them can and will provide savings and discounts to our subscribers and the delegates on Morya Ecuador Discover real estate tours.

Surf & Turf Savings

Now Ecuador Living subscribers and Ecuador real estate tour delegates can gain really substantial savings both in the Andes and on the sea.

Recently we outlined how Jean Marie Butterlin… who offers the Ecuador real estate tours… has arranged with the cooperation of the Mayor and town council of Urcuqui for Ecuador Living subscribers and Ecuador real estate tour delegates to be able to buy Ecuador house lots in Urcuqui for as little as $1,000 to $2,500.

Now he has created great savings on Ecuador’s coast also.

Huge Ecuador Real Estate Savings Near Bahia

Jean Marie reports on how subscribers and tour delegates can now also gain big savings on Ecuador’s beach.  Here is what Jean Marie wrote:

How you can make 20 to 40 times your money when you sign up for Ecuador Living or our coastal tour? Here is how some delegates on our tour have already gained an incredible deal bargain.

We have just finished our 3 1/2 day coastal tour. The tour was a full house.


Ecuador real estate tour delegates visited a newly available condo in San Vicente close to the new bridge over the Chone Estuary at Bahia.   These condos are on the Northern side of the Chone so prices are still low even with this incredible view they are priced at $75,000 for 1,100 square foot condo.

The tour looked at condos in Manta, beach lots, ocean front as well as sea view properties like this view house in Crucita.


In Bahia tour delegates saw a new project on the Malecon, where I have personally invested in a condo.  Because of limited availability, I have not written about this project and have reserved these for tour delegates and Ecuador Living subscribers only.

The tour crossed the Chone Bridge and toured north to Canoa, El Matal – Coco Beach and Jama to see beach lots, beach houses and new developments.

Sometimes one is at just the right place at the right moment… especially when you are keeping your awareness high and looking at everything.  This is exactly what happened this week.   A few weeks ago, I discovered a new project just 40 minutes north of Bahia with 350 hectares (840 acres) of beach front.  Here is a view of that property.


This project will launch  in approximately two weeks from now at pre-sale prices of $35 to $40/m2, 3.50 to $4.00 a square foot.

Delegates on the tour were offered PRE  pre-sale  price of $25/m2 ($2.50 a square foot) for ocean view lots of 2,000 m2 (20,000 square foot).   This represent a savings of at least $20,000… 40 times the fee for the coastal tour.

This development has been created by a developer with a very good track in Ecuador as well as Uruguay and Costa Rica.   Infrastructure construction starts in April.

Special Coastal Ecology

This developer is highly experienced in creating overseas developments and understands the need for good ecology and 80% of the 350 hectares… about 670 acres in all have been set aside as a green ecological zone that will be kept pristine and untouched for all the owners to enjoy.

There is incredible wildlife in this area monkeys, birds as well as sea life.

Those who live in this Ecuador coastal resort will have huge half acre (2,000 m2) lots and access to this vast 670 acres of primary forest.

I am looking at  investing in the project myself even though I have purchased a condo in Bahia.

Special for March Ecuador Coastal Tour Delegates

The developer has agreed to release a number of the beach lots to our March delegates, at $50/m2 ($5.00 a square foot).  Pre sale prices may run as high as $75 to $100 /m2 or $7.50 to $10 a square foot.

The beach front lots will not be offered as pre-sale until April so our March clients will have a first pick at these prized beach lots.

Other Ecuador Coastal Savings

This developer is not the only who is offering specials to our real estate tour delegates. In Coco Beach, delegates received a very special deal on other ocean view lots… $10,000 discount on $50,000, 1,000 m2 lots (10,000 square feet).

We try our best to get VALUE for our delegates and Ecuador Living subscribers and clients.  We do not take commissions or any marketing fees.   This means that the developers we trust and work with are able to pass on nice discounts to our clients.

Jean Marie

In fact the Ecuador real estate coordinators try to talk readers out of buying first time round.

Here is the process used on the real estate tours by Jean Marie Butterlin at this site.  The tour coordinator selects properties from numerous real estate brokers not just the people he hires to guide the tour. The tour guide’s responsibility is to show everything with no partiality to their own listings if they are brokers.

The tour coordinator solicits feedback from the participants about this particular dynamics as well as a number of other areas of interest and looks for properties to insure that the delegates have the best possible experience. Repeatedly the feedback we receive is that “of all the tours in Ecuador, these are by far the most organized” and that delegates report “We saw more properties than on any other tour. Great team!!!”

The coordinator coordinates everything from answering pre-tour questions to handling any and all special requests, hotel reservations, etc.  He also makes sure that no one gets their arm twisted to buy anything and certainly not any particular property.

The coordinator’s responsibility is to make sure that delegates see a diverse selection and braod overview of real estate in the area toured.   By the end of the tour, delegates have enough sense of the area to decide if it warrants further investigation for them.

The coordinators always remind delegates that if they think they’d like to live in a particular area, they rent first.   The coordinator spends a great deal of time both before and after each tour to try and make sure that the property mix is quite diverse and that all the land and air arrangements are taken care of.   They do all the homework upfront and check in daily with the delegates and tour guides to make sure that the schedule that is set up in advance is working well.   They also remind the entire group on day 1, if there is anything not being addressed to their satisfaction, to let Ecuador Ateam members know so they can let the coordinator sort this out.

This is why I repeatedly get raves from delegates on most tours.

There is a second more important and positive fact about the Ecuador real estate tours. The savings from group luxury coach travel and hotel discounts we obtain for delegates often saves more than the costs of these tours.  Ecuador real estate tour delegates gain 15 years of Ecuador real estate experience… the time and effort of the coordinators and the guides.  The efficiency that these tours bring is great… so the tour attendees end up seeing far more property… make better… safe contacts yet spend less than trying to sort out the market alone.

If you want to understand the Ecuador real estate market as it evolves… there are no better ways than with an Ecuador Living subscription or on an Ecuador real estate tour from Jean Marie Butterlin.

Subscribe to Ecuador Living here.


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