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Ecuador Food Photos

See Ecuador food photos below and why recent articles at this site support the idea of  investing in agriculture.

Others agree. See why below.


Ecuador agricultural land is rich!  This photo was taken by a recent reader who was traveling in  Ecuador. See more Ecuador food photos below.

Recent articles at this site entitled “Japan’s Earthquake Fortifies Investing Globally in Water” and “Invest in Agricultural Property” recommend you read the Economist special report “Feeding the world” (linked below).

This Economist special report outlines problems that modern farming has created for the environment, for top soil, for water and for our health.

The report at one point says:   Agriculture’s third basic input is nitrogen. Historically, lack of nitrogen, not lack of land or water, has been its biggest constraint.  The invention of a process to synthesise nitrogen cheaply into ammonium, a fertiliser, paved the way for the huge increase in food production in the 20th century. Vaclav Smil of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg argues that this process, rather than the transistor or computer, was the century’s most important invention, and that 2.5 billion people would not be alive without it.

The report then goes on to show how just adding more fertilizer no longer works and shows some of the damage this type of farming does to the environment including the human form!

One excerpt says: Drowning in a sea of foodOn the face of it, the obesity epidemic in rich countries presents exactly the opposite problem. For the first time in history, more calories do not mean better health. The epidemic is spreading to less  well-off places: Mexico has the second-largest share of obese people  after America; Guatemala’s obesity rate has quadrupled in 30 years. The overweight are obviously not troubled by a shortage of food. But a large group of people in rich countries does suffer from nutritional deficiencies: the elderly. They need more calcium and vitamins with advancing age, and many do not get them. Half of those over 75 in hospital are reckoned to be nutrient-deficient, as are many obese people.

Agriculture needs to change so it’s better for the environment and yet supports the population of the world.  That is a tough challenge but one that brings profits as you can see below.

Meridth Whitney on Agriculture.

A March 21 USA Today article entitled “Economic expert sees trouble ahead; Housing market municipalities may be in for a rough ride” by Maria Bartiromo shows how agricultural land has already become increasingly profitable.  Here is an excerpt from this article (bolds are mine): Meredith Whitney seems to be softening her concerns about a looming muni meltdown as politicians across the country address fiscal challenges more aggressively. Whitney, who now heads her own investment advisory firm, earned a following throughout Wall Street and the world during the financial crisis with her early and accurate calls about the shaky state of the banking industry. Today she says defaults from local municipalities are still likely and home prices are poised to drop another 10%. But she says a new area of strength is emerging in one part of the country where debt was not an issue: the agricultural belt.

Below is my interview with her, edited for clarity and length.

Q: What about the broader economy? The housing market has not participated in the economic recovery. Why?

A: Because over a quarter of homes still have negative equity. There is no national housing policy. And the can has really been kicked down the road. So you have a greater amount of housing inventory that has yet to be sold into the market — this supply overhang (comes at a time of ) diminished demand, because there’s a lot less credit available. The requirements for a down payment and the lending guidelines are much tighter today than they were four years ago. House price declines appear to have decelerated, but that will prove to be a head fake because you have the foreclosure moratorium that hit in November and December, and that will show up in the next few months. Banks are resuming their foreclosure process, so you’ll see more property come on the market that will have a significant pressure on home prices. Home prices will be down another 8%, 10% in the next 12 months. That’s going to be a real drag on the economy. But there are parts of the economy that are doing very well. As a food producer, the economy in the middle part of the country’s doing well.

Q: Those are the agriculture-rich states?

A: The ag-rich states are going to be Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Texas to a certain extent because it is a massive beneficiary of the price of oil. It’s the central part of the U.S., you can almost draw a triangle around it, what I call the emerging markets of the U.S. It speaks to how dynamic and strong the U.S. economy really is. It’s just shifting. The U.S. is a composite of many different economies.

This is why Merri and I have been adding more agricultural property to our portfolio.

This is also why ag property in Ecuador makes so much sense.  Prices remain much lower than in the USA. Labor costs are much, much lower and there is great weather from growing food.

Healthy Ecuador Food

When we return from Ecuador to the USA one of our biggest disappoinments is the fresh food in the super markets… really expensive and the quality is awful!

Ecuador is a fresh food heaven!  Here are some pictures a reader took of the open market on the square in Gualaceo.


he wrote:


Feel free to use them as you see fit, as they give a good sense of the varieties of fresh produce one can buy at a local market in small town Ecuador.  What a cornucopia!  Steve


Merri and I agree! Ecuador food is like health food and yesterday we email Ecuador premium subscribers five password Ecuador recipes. Premium subscribers can use their password at “Ecuador Food Recipes.”

Learn how to subscribe here if you do not have a password.

Problems create opportunity and there are few problems as big as feeding the world in a healthy sustainable way.  We look forward to sharing ideas on agricultural business opportunity in Ecuador and Smalltown USA.


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Inspired Investing Beyond Logic

In these times of rapid change, experience and education are not always enough to keep pace.

We must have ways to think beyond the norm… outside the box of logic…  so our information processing and decision making can escape the tyranny of reason.

This is why Merri and I use Vedic Astrology as a way to go beyond our immediate imagination and to see life’s potential in different ways.

This is because the future is always ambiguous… even if we think not and even more so as technology puts booster rockets on economic and cultural evolution.   Our lives can take many numbers of paths that lead in different directions… at any time.

This leaves us asking, “What SHOULD we do?”

Astrology is an ancient science that allows us to open windows of information that create a set of out-of-the-box rules that direct us in ways we would never logically reach.

Because this process is fun and without threat… we can see future opportunity in numerous expanded ways.

Where mystery, science and market movements meet.

Those who can answer this intriguing question probably understand the quantum aspects of existence. Quantum mechanics is the part of science that tells us that our world is not anything like we expect or can even imagine. The quantum state is the world where our intention turns energy into matter. At the quantum level everything comes from nothing. The present, future and past are one. Atoms spin up and down at the same time but when observed, choose a direction to spin depending on the universe we are in.

In short our quantum existence is impossible in logic. Yet it is a proven fact.

Quantum science also helps us understand astrology. If our intention can alter the movement of minute particles separated by billions of relative miles, so too can the movement of huge particles that swirl around us impact our lives.

This is why Merri and I have used Vedic astrologers for years. We have found them invaluable when it comes to making decisions about health, wealth and family that we cannot make with logic and knowledge that shows us different perspectives.

Rather than try to explain or defend the science of this, let me just share a few ways that Vedic astrology has helped us.

A example took place when our daughter Elle graduated from University in London with a degree in dramatic arts. Her question to Merri and me was: “Should I go for a career in singing or go on and get a teacher’s certificate in Physical Education?” (She was a superb athlete as well as an aspiring singer.)

We all agreed that becoming a singer was a long shot. Teaching was safe. But we knew that her passion was to shoot for the stars. So how would she feel in later life if she didn’t try?

Merri had our Vedic astrologer check her chart. The astrologer knew nothing about Elle but said that two months before we had asked, she had moved into a three year cycle when her best thing would be the performing arts, entertaining, etc. That was enough to convince me. “Go for it”, we encouraged her.

She did and within a week she was picked as a backup singer with a popular English rock group. Her first gig was before 4,000 fans and she met rock stars she idolized. This led her into a performing arts business where today  she is already earning over six figures a year. No one could have predicted the amazing ride she has taken. None of us saw this coming from the risky choice.

Without that reading, we would have felt more inclined to have her take a “safer” route. What a shame that would have been!

All we saw was that there was good potential at this time, and potential is what quantum science is all about. Every second of our hidden universe is composed of infinite potential. But that potential is hidden from our logic. Vedic astrology can help us figure this potential out.

In another case another daughter had finished university and was successfully employed as a fisheries biologist for the Bureau of Land Management. She wanted to go back to school and become a veterinarian. This meant a long hard four-year slog and sacrifice for all. Should she do it? Her chart suggested that this was perfect for her so she tried. Doors opened like magic. She was one of 23 accepted on her first try from over 300 applicants. Financing appeared in unexpected ways and she breezed through the four years. She is now a successful, joyfully happy vet. This was her perfect place. The astrologer saw this and he was right!

The inability to measure the results of astrology used to bother me enormously until years ago I read an article about Aristotle Onassis. He was asked about his use of astrology. His reply was that to be a millionaire, astrology wasn’t really needed, but to become a billionaire, it was essential!

This struck a chord as I lived in Hong Kong and saw the most successful businessmen there (often billionaires) look beyond logic.

To make billions, one has to take enormous risks. Taking such risks require us to see in ways that go beyond our logic, reason and understanding.  To know what to do next, can be a trial by fire or a delightful turn of events.

Merri and I started using Vedic astrology years ago. I do not use it to make day-to-day business decisions. Most things get worked out with logic and thought. But astrology provides an overlay in my business and life, gives me a sense of when to push, when to pull back, when times are ripe and when they not.

Merri and I review our charts once a year with our friend and advisor, Blaine Watson. Blaine has been studying astrology since age nine and practicing Vedic Astrology for 25 years and professionally for 18 years. He received certification from Benares Hindu University in Varanasi, India and has over 7,000 clients in 41 countries.

Here is Blaine Watson and Vaidya Mishra teaching at our farm.


Blaine has been amazingly correct, incredibly insightful with my and Merri’s charts.

Sometimes I am astounded with little points that are no big deal. For example, last year he said my chart showed that beginning February 27, I would have such strong opportunities in business that people would give me property. I really did not believe this. On February 25 the owner of www.garyscott.com, a site I had troubles with wrenching this site back …(although it was my site, over the years another group had taken it ), I received a note saying he felt he should give it to me! I accepted and he made the transfer on…you guessed it, February 27.

Other times, what my chart says it is important because it gives me encouragement. For example a number of years back my chart showed problems with government authorities.

Sure enough a two-year tax audit ensued, beginning almost on the day predicted. However I was told even though this trouble run for over two years it would bring me money and this suggestion (although I just couldn’t believe it) was right! I received two refunds (I had been overpaying), the first was over $70,000 and one later for $44,000. This amounted to over $114,000. The refund was nice but more importantly the knowledge during the two year process that the potential for the audit to end well was encouraging.

Another year Merri’s chart showed she was in a long period where people would just give her valuable things including land and houses. That knowledge helped us make the decision to buy our farm here, despite the fact it had not been surveyed. The survey turned up 33 acres more than expected. We received this great gift free! Another year my chart suggested I should reduce my equity load. This matched my logical concerns about an inflated stock market. Thus I was 90% in bonds when the US stock market bombed.

I could go on and on with such stories.

Vedic Astrology helps us in many, many ways. First, its overall readings point out the areas that will bring greatest success. For me it’s writing, publishing and communication (surprise-surprise), plus real estate and liquids and gas. Further my annual updates show which of the areas will work best that year and when to push and when to rest.

So I am especially alert to opportunities in these fields. For example though I generally avoid investing in shares, I bought shares in a Singapore company, Hyflux, which is in the business of purifying water in China. I did my logical due diligence before investing in those shares but it was the liquid aspect that first attracted my attention. I am currently also heavily researching investment opportunities in biodiesel (liquid and gas).

Vedic Astrology gives me very exact investing and business knowledge, but deeper still: confidence, clarity and a calmness that come from knowing that all things are in order even when they do not seem to be. This along with prayer, faith and conviction are guides at times when there is no other way to know.

This has been a very deep and personal experience for me, Merri and our family so I am pleased that I can on occasion convince best friend and Vedic Astrologer, Blaine Watson, to give a course (which includes a personal reading for each person in attendance).

Blaine will teach the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology so that course participants will come away with a sense of familiarity and comfort with the science and be able to follow their own horoscopes at home.

The course includes an overview of the science. Then you will learn a detailed description of the chart, how it is laid out, the significations of the planets, the 12 signs, the 12 houses, the 27 nakshatras or as well as an explanation of the planetary cycles (dashas) and transits (gochar).

You learn how to look at your chart and understand what is influencing you each day. Blaine will also give you your own reading and a computer print out of your horoscope so you can follow it during the course.

Join us and learn how to see beyond logic.



Blaine reviewing charts at a course for our readers.

Blaine Watson Course

April 9-10, 2011. $599

Couple $799

Inspired Investing Beyond Logic

The Florida seminars are taught at…


Mt. Dora’s Lakeside Inn listed on the
National Historic Register, that has continuously operated as an inn for more than 125 years, the oldest operating inn in Central Florida.

lakeside inn

The Lakeside Inn is located 40 miles Northwest of Orlando
in Mount Dora… our Florida shopping town and known as 
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Lakeside Inn reception area.

Blaine Watson Course. Lakeside Inn, Mt. Dora.

April 9-10, 2011. $599

Couple $799

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