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Ecuador Gun Laws

There are strict Ecuador gun laws.


Some Ecuador police carry guns. Many do not. Ecuador is overall, a peaceful country. The people are peaceful… the society is not aggressive so it is not surprising that gun laws are fairly strict.

Jean Marie Butterlin, part of Ateam Ecuador recently sent me this note:  Gary, I thought you might want to hear about what happened to one of our subscribers in his new house in Pastavi.  What I learned is that there were robbers coming close or in his house and he fired a few gunshots in the air to scare them away.  What happened seems unbelievable.  The robbers went to the police telling them that he had a gun and fired on them. He, not the robbers was arrested.  All his friends came to his rescue and got an attorney.  The problem was that he did not have a gun permit. However,  he is free now.

Lesson to be learned: do not buy a gun without a license.

Ecuador Living Club subscribers can go to their password protected Ecuador Club site for a report on what is required to have a gun license in Ecuador.

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I have a bit more to say.  This first is not such an unusual thing… the police protecting the criminal.  Here in Florida, someone has… for years… decided it is great fun to whack mail boxes… (Federal offense with up to $250,000 fine, mind you) with a bat or stick or truck or whatever. Great weekend play.


Our mailbox aka target. Note the bungie strap for easy removal of the box at night.

I came up with a great idea… put a concrete block in the mail box.  That might give the pranksters pause for thought the next time they decided to play whack-a-box.  Then I was warned… if someone is hurt while vandalizing the box, I might be liable.  We have to keep our mailboxes thief safe, I guess.

We keep pepper spray in our houses and cars.  This leads to another US example of risk. There are personal defense advocates who recommend using wasp spray instead of pepper spray for personal protection.  Wasp spray can shoot twenty feet away, is more accurate, temporarily blinds an attacker until they get to the hospital for an antidote.

But think again TORT.  Pepper spray is a legal self-defense product in all 50 states, with certain restrictions. Wasp spray is a poison design to kill wasps. There are warnings on the cans to take care using this substance around humans and animals as drooling, lethargy, muscle tremors, vomiting, seizures and death can occur.

What happens if when spraying a criminal, you hit someone else and they got sick?  Some wasp sprays warn that it is a violation of Federal law to use the product other than for what is was intended for.  Defending yourself with wasp spray could make you liable just like my concrete block in the mail box.

Avoid Danger

I grew up in a Quaker family.  Most of my cousins went to George Fox Collage, a Quaker school. I was first married in a Quaker ceremony.  This is a pacifist religion.  So though I own numerous guns… and keep one loaded in our North Carolina and Florida houses (both no retreat states), if I ever had to shoot someone, I would feel that I had failed.   I keep pepper spray handy as well around the house… in the car… but  camouflage is the best defense.

There is a lot of sense in this as in all of nature, predators tend to have shorter lifespans than non predators.  No matter how strong one is… fighting in life and death situations requires great energy and increases risk. So if possible I’ll always go out of my way to choose a peaceful path.

I grew up learning how to shoot and hunt and all five of my children are good shots and know how to use and be careful with guns.  I have plenty of guns in the USA which is a place where there are guns.  I do not have a gun in Ecuador nor have I ever felt I needed one.

I lived in England for many years and did not ever have a gun there either. I prefer police forces who do not carry guns… it makes the police more sensible and reduces aggression though now in Ecuador and in England some of the police have firearms.

I feel as safe in Ecuador as in the USA but these things shift which is why we need to stay alert and know where we are and watch for changes in patterns of crime. Not many years ago, thieves in Miami were shooting people right off the road and killing tourists in roadside rest areas.  I didn’t take a gun to Miami. I stayed away from Miami and out of roadside rest areas at night.

This is why I pass on this mention of crime and guns. I won’t avoid Ecuador or travel but I am always careful AND I will stay as up to date as possible on where it’s safe and where it’s dangerous.

The Best Form of Safety

One of the great parts of living in different cultures is learning and enjoying new ways of life. Global living expands horizons… unless one tries to move expecting or even worse demanding their new home to be just like their old.

When I first moved to Hong Kong in the late 1960s,  I was fresh out of Prudential sales school which included how to dress… suits, ties, blue blazers and gray flannels and such.  It was refreshing to meet multi millionaires who wore robes… to see different ways of living… eating and yes they had bars on the windows there as well.  They also had shotgunned Sikh guards at every bank.

Then I moved to England and traveled and worked throughout Europe. There I discovered the courtyard. Europeans do not display their wealth like Americans do.  This is a culture where there has been war after war. When people have wealth they hide it inside… conservative… smart.  This is especially true of the Latins… where the invasions and counter invasions have come and gone since Roman times and before.

Latins love the courtyard.  Our hotel, Land of the Sun… looks pretty plain outside.


I love the courtyard as well…


being outside within…


an island from the hustle and bustle and crowds.  Here are delegates at a recent course in our courtyard.


This building was built in the 1800s… not as a hotel but as a home of one of the wealthy families.  The downstairs was a stable.  This is the Latin way.

Every way of life has risks of some sort. Big cities have condos with locked doors and doormen.   US suburbs have gated communities…  security systems and private guards.

An invisible target is no target at all.  This is a good piece of advice in all aspects of business investing and life.

Every aspect of life has risk. When you think about it… life would be pretty boring if not.

An international life in Ecuador, Asia, Europe, Africa, city or country brings broadened horizons because this process lets us see different ways and how cultures deal with risk.  Learning all these ways makes us fuller, more balanced and wiser… if we are willing to learn.

Those who blind themselves with desires for the very existence they are leaving however… slow or reduce the joy of this growth process.

Cultural Blindness Hurts Business

Ignoring how people in a culture think and feel… what they believe can also create a lot of business difficulties for those trying to earn an income in a non native environment. Here is an excerpt from my course “International Business Made EZ” that explains:

Finding Profitable Markets

The first step in internationalizing your business is to develop a total international concept. Many businesses that call themselves international are not global at all because being international creates extra work.

Being international complicates the entire selling process and in a way defies many accepted maxims of marketing. For example, one maxim is to know your market, but when you shift your marketing from one country to another the profile of your customer may change entirely.

I knew one of the great marketing geniuses, Pat Garrard. In a meeting in Manhattan, he told me about some of the mailings he had done that had worked incredibly well in the U.S. When he tested them in Germany, they not only bombed but also created hate mail. Something, which had communicated well inthe U.S., had failed miserably in Germany. This is why international can get complicated, when a genius doesn’t make the crossover.

Avoid SS Plans

His story took me back to my earliest days of selling mutual funds in Hong Kong. After doing this for two years, the company for which I worked sent me to London for a year to develop a sales training plan for the global sales force.

While working on this, I spent a great deal of time in Germany where there was a conflict between two sales managers who were competing to be top man. One manager was American, the other a hard working, relentless German.

The battle was typical of corporate politics, each of the two spending more time trying to defame the other than doing their job. The American manager argued that the German had the psychological profile of a Gestapo officer.

This was nothing more than an attempted character assassination. The American had no evidence at all.

The German manager argued (successfully) that the American did not know anything about marketing in Germany or about the German people. His evidence was how the American had heavily promoted the company’s Systematic Savings plan in Germany as the SS Plan!

This obviously had not gone down well. In the end the German manager took over and did a good job for the company.

The point of this story is clear. To be successful with the international portion of your business, you need to know and to adapt. There are many ways to approach this adaptation process.

Keep Focused, especially abroad.

There are two ways to deal with the differences between buyers from one country to the next. One approach is to adapt to the market. The second approach is to look for buyers who have proven they have adapted to your selling message.
To decide which approach to use, decide what type of international business you have (or want to have). There are two options:

• Sell or offer a service in just one country abroad.

• Sell or offer a service in many countries.

Next time you travel… look at the differences you see… not as risk but as opportunities to see new ways that others have adjusted to their histories. Do this and it can lead to a wonderful life where no holds are barred!


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