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New Bahia Condos Selling Out & Corrected Error
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These new Bahia condos are already selling out.

Jean Marie Butterlin reports:

Just in front of my apartment at the Nautilus where I am renting, a new building (9 stories/9 apts.) has started with nice views on the bridge.


This shows that the momentum is here…prices are also a bit higher; we will show the 1st and 2nd floor apt. to our delegates as they are the only ones left unsold.

The prices are $1,100/m2 ($110 per square foot) which is 20% higher than the Ocean Bay Towers where I have bought.

I am happy to see that my investment has already gone up in value!

Jean Marie

We have been predicting that the Bahia area and beaches north would explode in price. This is now happening.

Mathematical Error

I was suffering holiday fever when I posted yesterday’s message on land for sale in Canoa and multiplied the price per meter by ten rather than divided by the same amount. Thanks to the many keen eyed readers who spotted this error and let me know.

I must apologize to those readers who actually thought the 100 times increase was the actual price.  That must have been quite  a shock!

Here is the message again with the correct math.

Here is some Canoa Ecuador beach real estate for sale.


A business acquaintance of many years who has been in Ecuador as long or almost as long as Merri and I sent this note.

Hi Gary,  I hope all things are well with you.

I want to liquidate some properties in and around Canoa.


Property in the town now sells for $150+ per sq meter ($15 per square foot).

I will let mine go for between $45 and $90 per sq meter over the next 60 days ($4.50 to $9.00 per square foot).


Canoa is a great area for anyone that wants to do business or just to live. The area has come alive with the opening of the bridge and the new road from Quito.


Please let me know if you have any questions.

Merri and I have been predicting for years that this part of Ecuador’s beach north of Bahia would become the hot area when the bridge was complete.  It is, so we have sent this listing to you ahead of  our entire Ecuador list.

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