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Chirije, Ecuador: An Experience to Treasure
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Chirije Ecuador is the newest and most attractive ecological and archaeological park along the Ecuadorian coast.


Completed in 1996, Chirije is surrounded by 238 hectares of dry Tropical Forest and miles of unspoiled beaches. This valley was the home of many consecutive pre-Columbian settlements.

Jean Marie Butterlin reports on his weekend at Chirije Ecuador.

Chirije and Bahia have a lot to offer…..


Pascale and I love to explore the little out of sight, not so well known places, that have something special.

There is a such a place, 20 minutes south of Bahia (going through the beach at low tide) called Chirije.

Chirije is the area where the first settlers came to South America 4800 BC ; the whole place including the beach and under water is full of artifacts from that period all the way to 500 BC.

Patricio Tamariz, owner of Casa Grande Boutique Hotel in Bahia, has created an EcoLodge right on the beach, as well as a little museum, where he displays some of the pieces found on and around the property.


There is a special energy that surrounds the lodge that one can feel a certain quietness, making one prone to meditation, surrounded by just the sounds of the waves.

cherije ecuador

Some pelicans and  frigates that feed close to shore. When lucky, you see dolphins…


whales and even sea lions.


We were priviledged to have the experience of this little paradise for the week-end; enjoying the food, and hospitality of a perfectly trained staff.


We treasured our hour long walks on the beach with noone in sight for miles.


The Sunset was just spectacular;

We explored part of the property through some nice back trails, enjoying the views on the mountains and the sea; it takes about a day’s walk to tour the whole place.

cherije ecuador

Our guide, Santiago, who is also an accomplished surfer told me it was also a perfect surfing area with nice waves.

But what makes this place unique is the number of UFO sightings that have been reported here. Awhile back, I met an UFO researcher from the US that was investigating some of the sightings.

How to get there: Patricio’s staff takes you there with a 4×4 at low tide through the beach (it takes 20 minutes max.)

Prices are: $85 + tax a night for 2 including breakfast.

Ecuador Club member get a 10% discount + additional 15% for a week’s stay.

cherije ecuador

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