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Cuenca Real Estate B&B or Business
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Here is a Cuenca real estate B & B  and/or business listing.

cuenca B&B

We all have to ask “What R U Going To Do?” when moving to a new place.  This is a pivotal week when the global economic world will turn.  See why at “Pivotal Week Day 2″.

One business activity that many Americans in Ecuador enjoy is real estate.  The favorite city of many of our readers (we have taken more than five thousand to Ecuador) is Cuenca. This means that this Cuenca investment property may be of interest to developers and investors.

The location of this property is perfect for apartments, condos or a hostal.

It is right in the heart of downtown Cuenca.

cuenca B&B

This is not a patrimonial house, i.e., protected by historical considerations, so it can be totally changed.

cuenca B&B

It also has a large vacant back-yard where there could be additional construction.

cuenca B&B

The space is quote open at this time for easy redevelopment

cuenca B&B

This building currently has 15 possible bedrooms.

cuenca B&B

The asking price is $290,000.

(Always be certain before purchasing any real estate, that the conditions and situations are viable…like adding on the buildings, extra usage of outdoor areas, etc. Attorneys can be worth their weight in gold.)

Contact details are at the password protected Ecuador Living Club site.

Click to reach your password protected site here.

Learn how to get these discounts at  Get your first password here.

Has your password expired?  Get a password update here.

See this property and many more on an Cuenca real estate tour.

Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Sept. 16-17-18
Oct.  25-26-27
Nov. 18-19-20
Dec. 12-13-14

Enroll here. Cuenca Real Estate Tour  $499 Couple $749

What R U Going to do to get to Ecuador… and more important… after you are there.

This is day two in a pivotal week  for the world.  The shift may increase the need for self publishing income.

How would you like to read a headline in the newspaper or on a global blog that said this about you. “Discovers Invaluable Heirlooms in an Attic”?

Well… you have that heirloom and I would like to share with you, how to find it.


The heirloom is a story because we all have a story to tell.

This is why I love earning income from writing. This is such a mobile vocation that allows me to be anywhere in the city, on a high desert or Caribbean isle, high in the mountains, deep in a forest, really wherever I can find a story!

My decision to become a writer was heavily influenced by two people C.Y. Tong, a great Hong Kong shipping magnate, and Winston Churchill and his volumes on WWII.

Tong’s influence came in a simple newspaper article when he mentioned that he got into the shipping business because he loved to travel. Winston Churchill wrote numerous times how fortunate he was to be able to live off his pen.

I put the Tong and Churchill ideas together.  I wanted to travel, but couldn’t afford to buy any ships. I already had a pen whihc was my heirloom when connected to a good story.

Before I tell you more about the heirloom you possess… let me share just for a brief moment why you might need an extra valuable bauble in your attic now.

This is a pivotal week for a world that has run on the solid economic engine of the USA.  As is nature’s courses… the world overdid itself and drove that engine to excess.  Now it is breaking down (as is Western Europe’s fiscal engine) due to too many promises and too much debt.

The battle in Congress is pretty serious with just eight days to go before the government cannot borrow additional money to fund itself.  The political squabbles are already beginning to bite the economy.  The FAA has had to begin a partial shut down. Congress is fighting over waste and duplication and costly airport subsidies.  Due to politics, the house and the Senate have not been able to agree so during the weekend a partial U.S. Federal Aviation Administration shutdown temporarily put about 4,000 employees out of work began.

This shoots the government in its own foot because many of the agency’s functions are stopped including its ability to collect $200 million a week in tax revenues which fund its operations will halt.

U.S. airlines of course immediately raised air fares the same amount as the tax so they pocket the extra airline-ticket tax money that would normally go to the FAA.

The political arguments really need to be resolved, but they are just the symptom of a deeper problems created by excess… unfunded promises… debt… and poor health.

If the borrowing limit is not raised in time… it is most likely that credit rating agencies will lower the ranking of US sovereign debt from AAA. This will send shock waves around the world and slow the global economy.  Interest costs in the US will rise. The US dollar will fall.

Even if they do reach agreement… it must be one that the credit agencies believe will resolve the fiscal imbalances. Otherwise the debt rating could still be lowered.

If Congress does satisfy the world that the US is serious about reducing its debt… the answer will almost certainly be… higher tax… later retirement age… less pensions… less medical coverage…less government services. The heads of the US post office for example have already stated that they will probably have to phase in three day a week delivery over the next 15 years.

No matter how events unfold… life will not be the same.  This is the week that decides which way the restructuring will go.  Learn how to Earn with Self Publishing.



Learn how to Earn with Ecuador Agriculture.

Manabi Ecuador farm house.  Prices range from $800 to $1,500 an acre for valuable farm land.



Learn how to Earn with Ecuador Exports.

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