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See a great Cuenca Ecuador Hostel business for sale below.

Here are the Cuenca Ecuador hostel business for sale details.


First let’s look at why owning a hotel abroad might be a really good idea. Many readers complain to me about government intervention in their lives.  Yet most of them still miss the worst intervention of all… the hidden grasp in their pocketbooks!   The May 24,2012 USA Today article entitled “Red ink 4 times official tally”  by Dennis Cauchon clarifies one of the greatest menaces to our wealth… hidden debt.

Here is an excerpt from this article:  The typical American household would have paid nearly all of its income in taxes last year to balance the budget if the government used standard accounting rules to compute the deficit, a USA TODAY analysis finds.

The article then goes on to show that Congress exempts itself from including the cost of promised retirement benefits so the government calculates the deficit in a way that makes the number smaller by trillions than if standard accounting rules were followed.

The deficit was $5 trillion last year under those rules. The government claimed a $1.3 trillion deficit last year but this ignores liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and other retirement programs that were $3.7 trillion in 2011.     This added 3.7 trillion under standard accounting practices, means that the government debt last year equaled $42,054 per household.  The U.S. household’s median income is $49,445 so the government created a debt equal to 85.05% of America’s statistical income.

This debt also does not include state and local governments’ debts.

Here is another excerpt (bolds are mine):

“By law, the federal government can’t tell the truth,” says accountant Sheila Weinberg of the Chicago-based Institute for Truth in Accounting.  Jim Horney, a former Senate budget staff expert now at the liberal Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, says retirement programs should not count as part of the deficit because, unlike a business, Congress can change what it owes by cutting benefits or lifting taxes.

“It’s not easy, but it can be done. Retirement programs are not legal obligations,” he says.

This last sentence defines the crunch…debt of such magnitude in relationship to the nation’s wealth… that one of three events must unfold.

#1: New technology will improve productivity to such a degree that future earnings will outstrip the debt (cross your fingers…and or let’s begin by inventing).

#2: The pension obligations will be in US dollars that become almost worthless.

#3: The pension obligations will not be filled.

These facts suggest that we should not rely on pensions alone.  This site regularly looks at ways to protect your wealth and income from government intervention.  One way is to have a global business on basics such as food and shelter…. such as overseas B&Bs and hotels.

The business of the hostel Villa Nova Inn is for sale.


For years the management of the  hostel Villa Nova Inn has offered Ecuador Living subscribers a 20% discount.

This five star hostel, Villa Nova Inn, is located in Cuenca, Ecuador and is a recent recipient of a Trip Advisor “Certificate of Excellence,”

A lot of our readers have enjoyed this hostel which has helped make a thriving business.

This is at an attractive location overlooking Cuenca’s Tomebamba River and directly across from Parque de la Madre (Mother’s Park).


View from Cuenca Ecuador’s Hostel Villa Nova Inn

This Cuenca hostel is an intimate urban inn in this wonderful city.  Cuenca Ecuador is one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Cities.

This Cuenca hostel was developed and is run by a group of experienced Ecuadorian and American international travelers who have spent over 70 years experiencing the best in clean, friendly, comfortable, low-cost hotels, inns, and hostels throughout Ecuador, Europe, Canada, and the United States.  They put those years of experience to work in creating their motto  “Do It Right So the Guest May Sleep Tight!”

Here are a few of the initial guest comments sent to us by the management:

“First Impression – Excellent; Front Desk – Excellent; Room – Excellent; Staff – Excellent; Additional Comments – Feels like home plus Location, Location, Location” Penny Ripple (USA)

“I walked past the little hotel and went in out of curiosity.  After I set myself on staying (which was a very easy thing to do, considering the warm welcome and the looks of the clean rooms) I found that I didn’t lack anything during my stay.  The staff was very nice and helpful.  They took care of everything which was needed to make my stay a warm and delightful one, including quick inexpensive laundry service and clear explanations about Cuenca.  Oh, and plenty of smiles.  All in all, without a doubt, a wonderful place to stay.  Not to be missed.  I am looking forward to coming back.” Paul Memran (Israel)

“Thanks, brothers and sisters.  Best treatment.  Best hotel.  Thanks for everything.” Guardarraya (Quito, Ecuador)


Room with a view of Cuenca’s river.

This Cuenca hostel has spacious guest rooms,. Each has a private bathroom with plenty of hot water and and shower.


There is ample closet space, a writing desk, new comfortable mattresses, soft sheets, warm quilts — and a free continental breakfast served either in the unique Bananas Breakfast Restaurant  or on the Inn’s riverside terraces.


Ecuador Living subscribers who, at check in, provide their Ecuador Living password receive a 20% discount off the room rate.

Other amenities include the Japanese Sushi Bar and Restaurant, Sakura, located next to this Cuenca hostel.  Sakura offers an in room menu for guests who want to dine in their room or or on one of the Inn’s terraces.  The menu includes  hot and cold dishes from a simple glass of wine and appetizers to a multi-course meal of sushi, teriyaki steak, salmon, or chicken topped off by a classic brownie and ice cream with chocolate sauce.


Villa Nova Inn provides its guests with a unique combination of affordable contemporary conveniences and a quiet restful night’s sleep. There is  broadband Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and its terraces and Direct TV in the Inn’s Main Lobby.  Snacks, cold drinks, beer, wine, and coffee are also available in guest rooms  and the hostel’s sunset terraces overlook Cuenca, the river, park, and Andes Mountains.

Villa Nova Inn is within easy walking distance of a wide variety of Cuenca’s sites of interest including:  Cuenca’s Colonial City Center, the Central Square “Parque Calderon” and  its two cathedrals.  The Cathedral Viejo, built in 1557, houses a charming museum and the “new cathedral” built in 1880 conducts numerous services throughout the week.  The colonial center also features beautiful colonial and modern  architecture, numerous museums, dozens of art galleries and indigenous shops interspersed with totally contemporary stores, and restaurants galore for all pocketbooks from $1.50 for a lunch-of-the-day to five-star dining at internationally famous restaurants.

Cuenca’s Millennium Shopping Plaza has a multi-screen movie theatre, wide variety of shops, a Super Maxi.   The Esquina de las Artes is also nearby across from the University of Cuenca.

The Banco Central Museum in Cuenca has numerous early Inca ruins.  The Centro Inter-Americano de Artes Populeres (CIDAP) and Broken Bridge Gallery Cooperative offer contemporary art and display examples at the hostel on a rotating schedule.

This Cuenca hostel is near three of Azuay Province’s medical centers — Monte Sinai, Santa Ines, and Santa Ana. Each of these Cuenca medical centers is staffed by internationally trained doctors of all disciplines. Each of these Cuenca medical centers are within walking distance or less than a 5-minute taxi ride away from Villa Nova Inn.

Alejandro Serrano Stadium is nearby and features both class A international soccer and regional soccer league matches as well as frequent music concerts by national and international stars.

Villa Nova Inn also offers first-class guided tours of Colonial Cuenca, the surrounding Andes Mountains and national parks, into the Oriente (Amazon Jungle), to a wide variety of nearby indigenous “guild villages”, and of course to the Galapagos Islands.

The Partners of Villa Nova Inn, are putting their Villa Nova Inn Partnership up for sale.  This is a 12-room Inn that has operated successfully for the past 2½ years.

VNI’s rooms accommodate up to 33 guests. Seven front the Tomebamba River and Parque de la Madre across the river. Ten have cable TV. All have full bathrooms with instant hot-water showers. The hotel has a full kitchen, used to serve breakfast on the riverside terrace. The upper terrace is covered to provide outdoor dining on rainy days. This summer, when the redesigned road and new riverwalk in front of the hotel are completed, the area will be one of the most desirable locations in Cuenca.

The Partnership’s lease runs through November 2012, after which they have a 5-year lease with an additional 4-year-extension option through 2021.

Ecuador Living Club members can see details, price and the seller’s contact data at your Ecuador Living Club password protected site.

Learn how to get a password here.


Cuenca Real Estate Tour

Cuenca real estate offers excellent quality and value for expats in Ecuador. Here is a shot of downtown Cuenca.


Downtown Cuenca

Ecuadorliving.com was the first website to recommend Ecuador real estate nearly two decades ago and we continue to assist Ecuador Living Club members in arranging Ecuador tours as the most efficient way to learn about Ecuador’s real estate market.

Ecuador real estate markets have evolved to the point that group tours are counter productive. When Ecuador Living began,  there was not enough property… easily reached… for sale.   Little English was spoken and the properties were often hard to reach and spread far apart.

Ecuador real estate group tours helped readers reach these properties.

Today there are many properties and group tours can inhibit zeroing in on specific wants and needs.

Ecuador Living’s Real Estate Tour service helps its members create custom tours that fit each person’s schedule and particular desires.

The personalized tours are like AAA Trip Tics and help in three ways.

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Ecuador Personalized Real Estate Tours are the most efficient and inexpensive way to get an overall view of Ecuador real estate.

Because we are publishers who owe our loyalty to our readers and not real estate agents, you can be assured that the tours are based on your wishes, not on any broker’s desire to sell a specific property.   Ecuador Living does not participate in any proceeds, commissions etc. from real estate sales.

For example if you only want to view farms with acreage and want to see farms in three areas… such as Cuenca, Imbabura and the coast we can help you organize a tour for this.

A recent article entitled “Building a charming destination”  by Paola Vellejo in the Bienes Raices Clave (Key Real Estate), Ecuador’s leading real estate magazine shows how experienced we are in Ecuador real estate.

You can see this article below.

Organizing the tour is a three step process.

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The article entitled “Building a charming destination”  by Paola Vellejo in the Bienes Raices Clave (Key Real Estate), Ecuador’s leading real estate magazine shows how experienced we are in Ecuador real estate.


A translation of the article says:    In conversation with Britain’s Steve Marchant, familiar with the housing boom of Cotacachi, you can see the origin of the phenomenon of its growing popularity as a destination for retirees is the result of the sum of a series of coincidences that inevitably arise from one person: Gary Scott.    Scott was the spark that ignited the housing boom of Cotacachi for retirees.

You can read that article in Spanish here.

See a Google translation to English of the article here.




Red ink 4 times official tally  by Dennis Cauchon