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Huge Ecuador Real Estate Shift
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As Ecuador moves into Phase II one huge Ecuador real estate shift  is about to take place… finally… I think.

See the shift caused by Quito’s new airport below.

Also see where in the world to invest outside Ecuador by clicking here.

Quito’s new airport is ready to open. These shots of…


the new Quito Airport show…


that completion is…


near.  This new Ecuador infrastructure will enhance real estate values in Cotacachi.

I’ll explain the shift and how this will impact business north of Quito including our hotel in Cotacachi in a moment.

First, a mention about the hotel Inn Land of the Sun.

Each Friday and Saturday night there is a Cotacachi expat dinner.  Expats meet in the fireplace room, enjoy a meal and talk about Ecuador news.

The menu for Friday August 17, 2012 will be Pasta with Langostinos in a garlic sauce and Chocolate Flan for desert. $6.00 including service and tax.


or Pizza (vegetarian, beef, chicken or pepperoni) plus Chocolate Flan. $5.00 including service and tax.

Saturday August 18th


Langostinos Reventados and Blackberry Canelones for desert  $6.00 including tax.

or Pizza (vegetarian, beef, chicken or pepperoni) Blackberry Canelones. $5.00 including service and tax.

Beer $1.50 – Sparkling Mineral Water  $1.00 – Popcorn FREE

Telephone.  (593) 06-2916-009 – Telephone from US 336 – 792 – 4767 – Address: García Moreno 13-67 y sucre.

See more about Inn Land of the Sun here.

The Almost Airport

The photos of Quito Airport above were from August 2010 when we reported that an opening date had been set. That was then. The date was delayed and delayed and finally set for October 2012.

Sangay Touring reported (and many other sites passed this data on):   After 52 years of service, the current International Airport of Quito, Mariscal Sucre [IATA airport code: UIO], switches off its lights and closes permanently on October 11, 2012. The original airport was built in 1960 on 126 hectares of land, located in the north of Quito.

This opening date however has been delayed again.  The opening has now been delayed until February 2013.

However Sangay’s report has some important information what might happen when the new Quito Airport opens.

Due to its location in the middle of a city surrounded by mountains, the current airport cannot be expanded to accommodate any larger aircraft or an increase in air traffic. Its operation poses higher risks, too; six serious accidents and several incidents have taken place in recent years. When the original airport was built back in 1960 it was on the north edge of Quito … but during the last 50 years Quito has expanded northward, enveloping the airport.

As of October 12, 2012, the new Quito International Airport will be inaugurated and starts its operations.

The new airport, which began construction in 2006, is about 10 times larger and sits on 1500 hectares of land aprox. 18 km east of Quito.

Here are the some comparisons between the original and  new airport:  Unlike the original airport which is located in the middle of the city, the new airport is outside of the city and therefore has a more than adequate safety/security zone (in case of accidents).

The original airport is located at 2800 m.a.s.l. (one of the highest airports in the world) and surrounded by mountains.  The new airport is located at 2400 m.a.s.l. and in a relatively open topography.


The original airport sat on 126 hectares of land with no possibility to expand (as the city grew around the airport in the meantime).  The new airport sits on 1500 hectares with between 70 to 100 hectares of land for possible future expansion.

The original airport has about 40 hectares (aprox.) of construction, while the new airport currently has 70 hectares of construction.

The passenger terminal(s) of the original airport is 28,700 m2, while the new airport terminal(s) occupy 38,000 m2 (first phase).

The original airport runway is 3120 m in length, while the new airport boasts a main runway of 4100 m ( also has a second runway of 2350 m).


The control tower of the original airport is 22 m high, while the new airport has a control tower of 41 m.

The original airport capacity to service 3,660,000 passengers, while the new airport some 5,000,000 in its first phase.

The original airport has 35 airline counters, while the new airport has 60 airline counters.

The original airport has parking for 32 aircraft, while the new airport currently has parking for 45 aircraft.

The car park of the original airport can hold 380 vehicles, while the new airport has space or 903 vehicles.

When this airport opens there will be numerous shifts.

Shift #1:  Airline schedules can change.  The high altitude and short runway at the old airport mean that loaded airplanes required as much lift as possible.

An excerpt from a training article at Pilotfriend.com explains the when it says: Air density decreases with altitude. At high elevation airports, an airplane requires more runway to take off. Its rate of climb will be less, its approach will be faster,   because the true air speed [TAS] will be faster than the indicated air speed [IAS] and the landing roll will be longer.

Air density also decreases with temperature. Warm air is less dense than cold air because there are fewer air molecules in a given volume of warm air than in the same volume of cooler air. As a result, on a hot day, an airplane will require more runway to take off, will have a poor rate of climb and a faster approach and will experience a longer landing roll.

In combination, high and hot, a situation exists that can well be disastrous for an unsuspecting, or more accurately, an uninformed pilot. The combination of high temperature and high elevation produces a situation that aerodynamically reduces drastically the performance of the airplane.

In practical terms this means that international flights in and out of the old Quito Airport arrive late at night and depart early in the morning.  This can change at the new airport and alter the dynamics of travel… especially to outlaying cities such as Cuenca, Loja, Manta, Bahia.  Currently travelers arriving late at night have to spend the night in Quito.  This may be reduced or eliminated.

Shift #2: Real estate north of the airport will benefit.  At the old Quito Airport you are two hours from the Land of the Sun Inn in Cotacachi and an hour and 45 minutes from hotels in Otavalo. You are minutes from hotels in Quito.  At the new Quito airport your be perhaps 45 minutes to Cayambe, an hour from Otavalo and a bit more to the inn in Cotacachi.

The Sangay report correctly identifies the new problem when it says:   Readers should keep in mind that due to the new location (near Tababela) it may take between 45 to 60 minutes (dependent on traffic conditions) to access the new airport from Quito.

There are currently three different routes to the new airport from Quito.  At the time of this publication, it is estimated that it will cost between USD $20 to $30 per person for airport transfers between the new airport and the city of Quito.

The key word here is “dependent on traffic conditions”.  Getting to morning flights during Quito’s rush hour traffic will be a strain.  Travel time from the new airport to Cayambe, Otavalo and Cotacachi may be less than from Quito. Taxi fares will also be about the same or even less.

This could divert a lot of travelers north as well as expats and Ecuadorians who need access to Quito Airport.  The end reult will be a weakening of Quito real estate prices and an increase of real estate prices north of Ecuador.

Shift #3: One beneficiary will be Guayaquil. A friend in the Ecuador travel business put it succinctly when he wrote: “The government does have plans for several new roads and connections into Quito that will make the trip less a hassle but there will still be chaos for many years ahead.   Many Galapagos travel businesses recommend people to fly direct to Guayaquil.  I am sure Guayaquil will benefit from this.”

However, Guayaquil has its many problems and safety issues.  These would have to be resolved before one could feel comfortable flying into this airport.

Alcoholics Anonymous in Cotacachi, Ecuador

Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are held at Land of the Sun, separate from any other meetings, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday afternoons.

Al-Anon Family Groups are a fellowship of relatives and friends of alcoholics who share their experiences, strength, and hope in order to solve their common problems.  Alcoholism is a family illness, and changed attitudes can aid recovery.  The group meets every Wednesday at 3 PM at the Land of the Sun Hotel in Cotacachi.   Al-Anon has but one purpose:  to help families of alcoholics.

For details contact Debbie McClosky-Moss at incotacachi@gmail.com


2013-2014 Super Thinking + Spanish – Writing to Sell – Business & Investing Course Schedule

Schedule 2013-2014  Super Thinking + Spanish  – Writing to Sell – Investing & Business Courses.

Here are photos I took of Mt. Dora…

mt-dora-images tags:


mt-dora-images tags:

its annual arts festival. 


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For information more contact Cheri Hall at cheri@garyascott.com

Attend all seminars and courses and more FREE or at a discount as an International club member.  See details here.




Sangay Full Airport Report

Pilotfriend article on air density

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