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Ecuador Crime Update

Ecuador Crime Update

Merri and I have taken thousands of people to Ecuador and rarely have they been affected by crime.  In the more than a decade and a half we lived and worked in Ecuador there only once did a pickpocket attempt to rob us.  Our properties in Naples and Lake County Florida, London, England, North Carolina have all been burgled one time (albeit in small ways) or another.  Never once in Ecuador.

Having lived and worked in dozens of countries, we do know how to arrange good security and look after ourselves.    For example we know how to dress so we look like the locals.


These hats are Bullseye for tourist criminals globally.

Wearing “gringo” clothes (fishing vests, travelers pants and travel hats like the one above) could make you a target. Ecuadorians in Quito generally dress conservatively; a pair of nice pants or dark jeans and a non-descript white/off-white t-shirt will make you look a business person who knows his way around and not a tourist carrying loot!

Ecuador has intense sun and hats are good… but need to be worn in context.  Traveler’s hats on a country exploration like this one around Lake Cuicocha are good for protection.  In the city they could act like a bullseye.

Merri and I also know where to go and avoid tourist areas.  For years, we have warned our readers to avoid Quito’s Mariscal Sucre district, even though the tourist industry aggressively markets this popular tourist area with restaurants, bars, hotels, hostels, and shopping.   This has been a dangerous area for gringos and is increasingly a site of crime.

Mariscal Sucre and all parks among other areas can be unsafe at night so taxis are advised for even short distances.  Also beware of credit card fraud, which is an increasingly serious problem in Quito as tourists are being targeted in the Mariscal area.

Yet there is crime and a good reason… a good cause that crime has been growing in Ecuador.    President Rafael Correa and other far sighted leaders wanted to emphasize a principle of “universal citizenship, free mobility of all inhabitants of the planet”.

Wow, I can really relate to this.

However… we live in a polar universe.  Our world is one of opposites and though all problems create opportunity… all silver linings also have a cloud.

The excerpt below from a Christian Science Monitor article entitled “Ecuador: easy base for terrorists and criminals?” by Geoffrey Ramsey takes a look at how this good social change has helped organized crime in Ecuador.

The article says: The Ecuadorean Constitution calls for ‘universal citizenship,’ granting free mobility – with or without a passport. But lax regulations are raising fears of easy access for terrorists or organized crime.   

Allegations that Ecuador’s lax immigration policies make it a strategic asset to terrorist organizations like al Qaeda are overblown, overshadowing the real danger: that the country is emerging as a hotspot for transnational organized crime.

Ecuador’s leftist President Rafael Correa was voted into office in 2006 on promises of wide-ranging reforms, vowing to push forward a constitutional referendum. The move was passed by referendum in 2007, and Ecuador adopted a new constitution in 2008. But while Correa has embraced the progressive charter’s guarantees of social and economic rights like access to clean water, education, and universal health care, not all of the document’s reforms have played out so well.

Perhaps the most contentious was Article 416, which declares that Ecuador “upholds the principle of universal citizenship, free mobility of all inhabitants of the planet and the gradual end to the condition of foreigner as transforming element of unequal relations amongst countries, especially North-South.”

Correa initially supported the initiative with enthusiasm, calling for an end to “those 20th century inventions, passports and visas.” However, it soon provoked a huge influx of migrants from regions such as Southeast Asia and East Africa, many of whom used Ecuador as a stepping stone to enter the United States or Brazil.

The real security threat in Ecuador lies in the heightened profile of organized crime in the country.

Fortunately Ecuador’s government is responding.

Hotelier and promoter of Ecuador archeology, Patricio Tamariz, explains.  Patricio helps the Ateam Ecuador in Bahia de Caraquez and his hotel provides discounts to Ecuador Living Club members.

Learn how to become an Ecuador Living club member and save on hotels across Ecuador.

Good news! At a meeting recently held at the Ministry of Tourism, it appears that the Ministry will be working with one of the world’s leading tourism security experts, Dr. Peter E. Tarlow.

Dr. Tarlow has a world-wide reputation and has worked across Latin America on tourism security issues. 

Tarlow has made several trips to Ecuador. 

I, Patricio Tamariz, have worked hard to bring Dr. Tarlow and his team to Ecuador where they will use Bahia de Caraquez/ San Clemente/San Jacinto/San Vicente and Canoa area (Cantones Sucre y San Vicente as a pilot project.  

We hope that this pilot project will result in a national tourism security plan.  Tarlow will be working under the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism with the full cooperation of the local authorities.

Tarlow has participated in the training of police at several Olympic Games and is currently working with the Brazilian police in preparation for the World Cup Games and the 2016 Olympic Games.

Tarlow has advised US agencies such as the Department of the Interior, the US National Park’s Department, and the Department of Homeland Security.  Tarlow has appeared on national television and radio programs in the US, write a monthly electronic newsletter on tourism and is a member of several university faculties.  You can learn more about him Tralow’s website at the link below.

Wherever you travel and even at home…. be alert.   Crime is everywhere and we all need to make security a part of our lives.  When we accept our safety as part of our own personal responsibility… rather than the government’s, we can lead a safe comfortable life wherever we may be.


Patricio Tamariz and Bo Rinaldi recently published the book The Secret of Paradise, The Mysteries of the Pacific Coast of Ecuador

ecuador pacific book

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A Christian Science Monitor article “Ecuador: easy base for terrorists and criminals?

Dr. Peter E. Tarlow website www.tourismandmore.com