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Many Americans have moved to Ecuador and other places outside the USA because of changes that have roots dating back 70 years from today.

Part of a 70 year spin into disaster has been caused by… spin. December 9, 1945, 70 years ago to this day, spin began a cycle that is still attacking the purchasing power of your savings and wealth. There have been many warnings about this spin and the ruin it can bring. Now you can learn how to turn this nightmare into a dream.


Lynda Mugglestone, professor of the history of English at Pembroke College, University of Oxford gave this warning. See details of her full warning at grammer.about.com. (1)

Benjamin Bradlee, executive editor of The Washington Post clarified the problem with spin when he said, “I would define spin as the shaping of events to make you look better than anybody else. I think it is . . . an art form now and it gets in the way of the truth.

Bill O’ Reilly’s latest book “Killing Patton” shares a fact that should have made front page news around the world, 70 years ago. This information, had it been revealed, would have changed the world and the way you and I have invested and earned. Yet the truth was spun around instead.

There were several who tried to speak the truth and as you’ll see below, the consequences for them were severe.

killing patton

O’ Reilly says it simply: “Martin Drugard and I are not conspiracy theorists. We write from a factual point of view with no agenda. But the death of General George S. Patton presents a disturbing picture if one fully accepts history’s contention that his demise was simply the result of an accident.”

“Killing Patton” reveals an incident, that resulted in Patton’s death, December 9, 1945 at 11:45 am, exactly 70 years ago. The book shows how the incident was covered up. The deception continues even now. 70 years later the impact of that incident dramatically affects your savings, your wealth and your ability to have a healthy financial future.

Even worse the treachery behind this hidden information has the potential over the next two years to spin into an economic disaster that could destroy the savings and wealth of those who are not prepared.

The book seems to be about war, politics, promises and betrayal. However, the facts you need to know are not about any of these events. They are about the spin that has been put on them all. O’Reilly and Drugard rewrite the way many of us view history. Certainly the facts can change the way you earn and invest. The book suggests that Patton’s reward for a job well done and a chance to reveal the truth was his assassination.

The reason he was killed?

Patton planned to reveal a simple fact that should have been obvious to everyone. Instead the truth was spun and remains obscured.

Would it surprise you to learn that almost every official document relating to this incident has disappeared. According to “Killing Patton” the records are gone from the National Personnel Records Facility in St. Louis. Three different levels of Army records simply no longer exist. Many years after the incident a US government agent (a retired army major with distinguished cross, and four purple hearts) confessed to being part of a hit team which lay in wait to assassinate Patton. That retired major made this claim and then was quickly hired to work for the US government as a special assistant to the Secretary of the Navy.

Knowing this hushed-up information provides a possible SOLUTION to problems relating to your bank account, your taxes, your future income, your pension, your Social Security and the way you invest, earn and live now and into the future.

And this information is available RIGHT NOW. Ordinary investment advisers will not reveal this to you. Most of your bankers won’t know it as well.

I recommend, at the least, that you order Killing Patton: The Strange Death of World War II’s Most Audacious General at Amazon.com

Even better learn how to survive and profit from this spin. I’m about to issue a report The “Cynical Cycle” that reveals the link between this hidden information of 70 years ago and how it can affect your wealth now and into the future. The report shares how knowing about the link may save your savings and your ability to earn and protect your savings and investments in the next two years.

Shortly I’ll be publishing this report at Amazon.com. Before I take this step, I would like your help. I would like to send you the first edited draft of the report over the next week as part of a group study. If you’ll read the report, share your thoughts with me, give me your opinion and let me know what portions of the report were help to you and anything else you might want to know. For your help, when the report is complete and before it is published at Amzaon.com, I’ll send it along to you free.

The report already contains vital information that can have an immediate and dramatic impact on your investing and business right now. Your input can help me zero in on anything I may have missed and make the information even more effective before I release it to the public.

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(1) Lynda Mugglestone warning about spin at grammer.about.com