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Global lifestyles can expand and enhance family values. One of the greatest fears readers share about moving to Ecuador is being apart from the family. New dimensions are available to family values when friends and family expand their horizons. This fills every one’s life with a scalar potential for extra joy.


My mom and granddaughters, Sequoia and Teeka

While visiting my mom, daughter, Cinda and grandchildren, our granddaughter Sequoia expressed sadness because her brother is living in Sweden. She misses him.

I tried to explain quantum potential and how being part of a global family brings more joy and happiness than loss. Quantum realities are hard enough to describe. How the quantum existence filters into family values is even more complex to explain but let’s take a stab at it. I think what Sequoia and I shared is worth remembering, especially during holidays when we think most of our friends and families who live afar.

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Here is what I shared with Sequoia. Every culture has some great family values. When we, or our loved ones travel, we and they can bring new, good family ideas that we would have missed without the travel. Family values can fall into a rut if they are defined by a one culture point of view.

If Sequoia and her sister and brothers lived only in Oregon they would miss the benefits of knowing good family ideas in Sweden. If Sequoia and her sister and brothers lived only in Sweden, they would miss the benefits of knowing good family ideas in Oregon. Now they can benefit from both!

Travel is good because it expands family viewpoints and taps into the potential of scalar energy.

We live in a quantum world. There are two types of energy. One energy is vector energy. We can see vector energy in the here and now. The other energy is scalar energy which is potential. Every moment, every inch of space and every action is filled with infinite amounts of scalar energy.

The more we expand our horizons, the more we do, the greater the potential for new good things to manifest. When we combine ideas from many cultures we expand exponentially. Adding three ideas from two cultures does not create six ideas. The result is nine ideas!

When we have loved ones who are in and know other parts of the world, the scalar potential from something exciting expands. We gain opportunity for reunions. We gain opportunity to travel. We expand our family values.

Merri and I know the problem of having friends and family living far and wide. Having left home 46 years ago our family is now spread all over the world… our family has scattered to Oregon, Florida, London, Europe, the UK and Australia. This has dramatically expanded what the family knows and even better, gives us more reasons to travel and have celebrations again and again all around the world.

Technology allows us to stay in touch even when we are far. Because of the wonderful potential in scalar energy, we know that soon we’ll have a new adventure and celebration somewhere. When we part from a loved one, it is not with a sense of loss. Each separation is the beginning of our next reunion. We begin to feel and enjoy the excitement we’ll have when we meet again.

The full fabric of life is sometimes hard to see because the underlying quantum rules of life are totally counter intuitive to our five senses. Yet this totally unreal reality rules us all, above and below, in every part of our lives.

Our quantum existence is so inexplicable that trying to study how it works is near impossible. One way to get a feel of quantum mechanics is the great new bestselling author of “Quantum Lens”. This is a good read that also gives a great explanation of the quantum rules that lead our existence and bring us all that is good.

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