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One way to be sure you’ll never run out of money is to be effective at earning income. Two of the top things Americans worry about are becoming ill and running out of money in the future.  One way to reduce both of these risks is to be happy and well focused with meditation. However meditation is not what many people think it is. See a different view of meditation, as a simple exercise, below.

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Delegates at Writer’s Camp during relaxation session.

A USA Today article “How to be 10% happier: Meditate, says ABC’s Harris” tells how ABC newsman Dan Harris puts aside his skepticism to use meditation as a useful tool for keeping his mind on track. Harris speaks about mindfulness meditation that’s completely secular and free. He calls it a form of exercise for the brain. He says (bolds are mine): It has three very simple steps. One, sit down with your spine straight and close your eyes. Second, try to notice where the feeling of your breath is most prominent, and try to focus on what it feels like every time it comes in and goes out. And the third step is the key. Your mind is going to start wandering like crazy.

Every time that happens, every time you catch your mind wandering, forgive yourself and bring your attention back to the breath. That moment is the bicep curl for the brain. You are breaking a lifetime habit of just letting your mind run around in useless repetitive and unproductive ways and getting back to focusing on what’s happening right now. Just imagine how useful that is in an age of multitasking.

The brain is like a muscle. If you exercise it, it gets better.

One simple meditation technique is to just sit quietly and think a word that is pleasant for you. When I learned this, I used the word chocolate. I sat and thought the word chocolate. Use whatever word works for you. During the meditation that pleasant thought is flooding your system with positive endorphins.

Meditation is deeper than just the endorphins because it helps integrate the brain waves that control our logic with our brain waves that connect us to everything. Many people who teach meditation disagree with my take on this. Many believe that meditation is about emptying the mind. An empty mind is impossible. Nature abhors a vacuum. Exercise uses muscle, not stops using it.

I believe that meditation is about filling the mind with just one positive thought. This exercises the brain to focus. I gained this belief from a routine a healer used with me. He had me listen to a tape for 20 minutes and keep track of how many words I would hear. The tape started with Table… later it shifted to Mable… then Fable and then Cable… on and on all able words. I proudly kept count and when I provided my tally the doctor smiled and said “Do you know how many words you really heard”? “Only One. Table.”

What happened is that the part of the brain that was stimulated when it heard the frequency that it interprets as “Table” was stimulated too many times. Like any overused part of the body, it became fatigued and passed on the job to a nearby area of the brain that was stimulated when it heard the frequency that it interprets as “Mable”. When that part of the brain was fatigued it passed it on again and so forth. I really thought I heard many Able words because my brain was fatigued.

A synonym for fatigue of the brain is boredom so if your mind becomes bored with what you are writing… you stop having fun. Based on the pain pleasure principle, when you meditate by thinking on one word, your brain gets bored and seeks something interesting (interest is the brain’s candy) at deeper levels of intelligence (brain waves beyond the beta we use for our logic).

Sticking to the one thought or word or impulse is a freshening technique that taps you into larger… more interesting fields of intelligence so your brain develops connections that reach more deeply into the infinite intelligence of which we are connected to and are a part of.

Another way to meditate is with baroque music. You can enjoy a business relaxation technique specifically designed to help you in business. See an explanation of how this relaxation session works and a comparison of what this type of meditation does versus other types of meditation click here.

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We use this in our seminars and the delegates love it.

If you try this relaxation session and fall asleep that’s okay. Extra sleep often comes in the early stages of any meditation. When meditating, the body taps into a deeper field of wisdom and does the most important thing it needs to do. The answer for any one who is sleep deprived is… sleep.

Any effective meditation can release feelings of anger, anxiety or depression. If you feel these emotions, this is simply the body releasing stress. Feelings like this are to be expected and are okay. Just be aware of the feelings but ignore them otherwise. Do as Harris suggests, forgive yourself and bring your attention back to the breath.

In our cynical era we are correct to be skeptical about the safety of our banks, pensions and even the purchasing power of our money. However, worry won’t accomplish a thing.

Assure that you’ll always have enough.

Be happier and more effective though the power of meditation.


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