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Why Currencies Lose Value

Why would a government want to weaken its currency? The answer to this question creates a 50% currency profit potential over the next two years.   If you are living in Ecuador right now, the strong US dollar helps make European, Asian and Latin  imports cheap, though that strength is hurting Ecuador businesses a lot.   This strength also creates opportunity if you act, because the dollar will fall.

Governments as a whole might not want to weaken their currency. Politicians as individuals do, inadvertently perhaps, because promising something for nothing attracts votes. The way such promises are kept is through deficit financing. Politicians treat voters in a similar way to how I train our dogs.

Ma & Chuk

Mah and Chuk.

Merri and I have two dogs. Training them and maintaining their obedience requires a lot of carrot (dog treats, play or affection actually) and a little stick (the word “No” should suffice). Dogs need to want to obey their master because it feels good, not because of fear. Training should be easy, gentle, fun but firm, without fear.

Sometimes training requires a little trick because hounds have short memories and when together they can become less obedient. The pack mentality makes them more likely to ignore commands such as the “Do not dig under the fence”.


Digging under the fence is a problem because our hounds cannot be watched all the time. They cannot be punished for coming to a call when they are outside the fence. They need fear of the fence not fear of me. Enter the Haveahart eFence (e is for electricity). One wire, a little juice and one touch of the wire solves the problem. Fear of the fence (not Merri or me) is created. The juice can then be removed. The problem is solved.


Politicians treat voters like dogs. They offer voters something for nothing. Politicians may deliver the promise, but with dollars borrowed. The politicians look great. They are recognized for keeping the promise. The voters do not connect them to the debt. The debt is government debt and voters fail to note that this debt is theirs and mine and every person who holds dollars. We will pay it, one way or the other, through increased taxes, reduced government services in the future or a currency that has reduced purchasing power.

The dogs do not fear me because I am not directly related to the eFence. The voters do not fear or hate the politician because the politician is not directly related to the debt. It’s a neat but terrible trick that can help destroy the integrity of a currency.

Currency devaluation is not totally the politician’s fault. Human nature is the real driving force. George Orwell captured this fact nicely in Animal Farm. Power corrupts and as long as a system exists there are some who will take advantage. Voters vote for promises without asking, “Who will pay and how?” Politicians promise something for nothing because they want to be elected. This entire process is paid for with borrowed money.

Debt reduces the rarity of money.

Politicians everywhere use this trick and the strength of a currency is enforced or reduced, in part, by the sum total of politicians using the currency to keep promises of something for nothing.

We saw this scenario play out last week in Greece’s elections. Contender Alexis Tsipras promised to end tough bailout conditions, which he said had locked Greece into “a straitjacket of debt, unemployment and stagnation”. The President Antonis Samaras ran on the stance that Greece had little choice to enforce austerity because “the ship was sinking”. The President’s platform was shaky because Greek youth unemployment is running at almost 60% and general unemployment over 27%.

Greek voters want better conditions. The promise of something for nothing sounded pretty good. The contender swept away the President and formed a new government. How is he going to pay for an austerity cut back? Tsipras will try to renegotiate debt or have the country default on some of their debt. This will not solve the problem. In fact conditions will grow worse and Greece may end up losing the euro as its currency. If Greece creates a new Drachma the currency will have a serious devaluation because the voters bought into a “Something for nothing promise”.

The Greek election also reduced the purchasing power of the Euro. A Reuters article “Euro hits fresh 11-year lows versus dollar following ECB move” tells the tale and tells how the euro fell to fresh 11-year lows against the dollar and is down over 7 percent since the start of the year. The article explained how the Greek elections could add uncertainty to the euro’s weakness.

This in turn creates difficulties with the US dollar and America’s economic growth as evidenced by a Wall Street Journal article “Euro’s Big Drop Puts U.S. Economy, Federal Reserve to the Test Strengthening Dollar Will Make American Goods More Expensive Abroad and Could Slow Both U.S. Growth and Inflation”. This article says: U.S. officials have been playing down that scenario, and, more broadly, resisting talk of a global currency war—competitive devaluations by countries eager to keep their currencies as low as possible to protect exports.

Preserving the purchasing power of your earnings, savings and wealth requires currency diversification.

Three events including the US dollar’s rise contain remarkable similarities to similar positions 30 years ago. These similarities reveal three patterns that in 1982 created the best opportunity investors have seen in 32 years. The first profit came two years after when the dollar dropped, like a stone, by 51% in just two years. A repeat of this pattern is growing and could create up to 50% extra profit in the next two years for investors who understand these currency, market and economic conditions.

This is the most exciting opportunity I have seen since we started sending our reports and conducting our Multi Currency International Investing seminars over three decades ago. The trends are so clear that I have created a short, but powerful report “Three Currency Patterns For 50% Profits or More.” This report shows how to earn an extra 50% from currency shifts with even small investments.

I’ll be marketing this shortly and have set a price of $29.95, but want to try a test. The report shows 22 good value investments and a way to invest very small amounts (even $5,000). There is extra profit potential of 50% so the report is worth a lot. Similar advice 30 years ago helped some readers become millionaires.

I’ll be marketing the report for $29.95 but right now you can order this report for any amount you wish to pay. Order the report here for whatever price you choose.


Global Earnings Seminar

Regain Real Security

There is a path to true security.

I was reminded of this once when I made a horrible mistake.  Almost!

The supposed error?  Letting my mind wander six decades back to an hour I spent with a girl.

Learn from this near disaster, seven most powerful sources of wealth, health, security and fulfillment in this era.

The girl was pretty and blond.  Terry was her name. My imagination spanned decades returning to my Oregon roots seeing her as if she were there.

We were 11 or 12 and had known each other since we started Rockwood grade school.  Just buddies, our non-romantic friendship lasted 12 years, from first grade till high school’s end.  Then she went off to Pepperdine College in California.  I started traveling the world.  Never saw her again.  I hope her life has gone well.  But until that reflection I’d never thought much of Terry in so many years.

What could have been the tragic error was letting that memory touch my heart.  Two kids, walking on a crisp, Pacific Northwest autumnal afternoon.

We walked down a sun filled, pine needle covered, dirt path.  Huge, fat, green Douglas firs lined the road.  Traffic was no problem, not many cars.  Crossing Stark Street we turned left, hiking three blocks to 182nd.  There we passed an old clapboard candy store.  I can still hear the wooden sidewalk of that store slap beneath my feet, felt the soggy planks sag and smelled astringent pitch from the fir trees.  Then we turned right, up 182nd for about a mile.  There was Terry’s house.

I carried on, walking through a big field, waist high grass turned straw brown by an early frost.  There were dozens of paths made by who knows what.  Animals perhaps or countless generations of other kids walking home alone from school.  I chose one following it to another wood of tall, rough-barked fir.  Crossing one more field, I climbed a rock wall, struggled through a barbed wire fence (my Mom hated that fence ripping my jeans).  I was home!

Sweet simplicity, that dream.  Two kids holding hands, walking on a dirt trail under a crisp, but blue, sunny sky.  Pure innocence.

My tragic error was looking back.  I returned to Rockwood, Oregon with Merri and my kids to show them this part of their roots.  Following the route, Terry and I had walked were the candy store, grange hall, old wooden buildings and their home spun honesty and charm.

Instead we found six lanes of fast, frantic traffic and road rage.  McDonalds, KFC, strip shopping centers.  The car radio blared warnings of local gangs and drive-by-shootings. Beauty, innocence, sweet simplicity, replaced by drive ins and drive bys.  Gangs and drive-by shootings replacing a tender walk in the sun.  Good bye memories, good bye.

How can our kids walk in places like this?  How can we return to those old feeling of security and comfort?

How can any of us possibly keep pace in this world that’s moving so fast?  Then something inside snapped. “There has to be an answer for honest, hard working folks to enjoy the wonderful opportunities of today and regain what we’ve lost over the past forty years”, I swore to myself.

How can we keep up, without having such a fast paced life we turn into machines?  Where do we find time for God, family, charity, and our friends?  How can we rediscover those sun filled, pine needle covered, dirt paths we want to walk?

“There has to be places that are still innocent and pure”, I thought.  “There has to be a way of life that does not pound us with stress”.

This thinking led me to begin reviewing the thousands of economic and business experiences I have shared with readers over the decades.  This started a search for a simpler way of life and a better place to earn and protect our wealth.

By digging, asking and observing, traveling and talking to investors and investment managers all over the world I found that there are true paths to real security in the here and now.  That knowledge helped me develop courses on how to have natural health, everlasting wealth and purposeful investments.

This knowledge helped Merri and me invest in stocks and real estate all over the world.  It helped us find and develop Merrily Farms into a sanctuary here on Little Horse Creek.

That almost error led us to create an entire portfolio of information on how to keep pace, get ahead, enjoy our modern society but, to enjoy life wherever you choose without having to move too fast.

I want to share this information with a special few in our summer course in the Blue Ridge Mountains where the air is dry, crisp, with a bright sparkling sun.  Our North Carolina woods is a place where we can once again walk down sun filled, pine needle covered, dirt paths beneath huge, fat, green fir and hemlock.

We start the course with this question that can help us get our lives back.

“What would you think in the last 30 seconds of your life if you were the richest man in the world but were unhappy?”

This quote is from the opening slide of our Value Investing Seminar, “How to Secure Your Future With a Value Breakout Plan”.  This a vital question because few investors think about the value of comfort and happiness.  Yet the truth is, those who are comfortable and happy with their investments are likely to make good investment decisions.  If not, no matter how much money an investors has, changes are, they’ll lose.

Bring Value and Purposeful Investing Together


Join us to learn how to make safety and profit easier and less time consuming so we can focus on our individual purposes in life.

Become an International Club member and join like-minded souls, who take a positive view and think outside the box for better health, greater income and safer, more profitable investments. Share ideas on how to add value to everything and make 2016 -2017 your best years yet.

In 2016 Merri’s, David’s and my mission is to share our 50 years of experience in international business, investing and living to make ourselves happier, healthier and wealthier.

To reach a wider audience we have shifted our seminars online including the seminar “How to Secure Your Future With a Value Breakout Plan”.

Here is a partial syllabus of this seminar.

  • Three common sense ideas:   Avoid lines.  Go where you are a name not a number.  Decide who you are and what matters to you.
  • Why three economic trends that have make smart investors rich every 30 years are ready for cashing in now.
  • How to look for short term problems that create long term value.
  • Update on the best ten markets for safety and profit.
  • How to diversify in value with Country ETFs.
  • The value of time in investing and life.
  • The economics in cyber wars. How to look back at the economics of war to see ahead.
  • Great new innovations that will ignite a 16 year bull market from 2016 to 2032.
  • The next great fuel.
  • Timing long cycles, economic cycles and seasonality.
  • Investing in Demographics.
  • Trading Down, the biggest global trend ahead.
  • Hidden Inflation .
  • How to protect against pension loss.
  • The Silver Dip 2016. When and how to invest in gold and silver . How to double your position with loans.
  • How to spot currency distortions and borrow low to deposit high.
  • How, Why When & Where to bank abroad.

Club membership is for an entire year and the recorded seminar is just one high point.

In 2016 and 2017 we are conducting online seminars about value investing, natural health and how to write to sell.

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Merri and I have been organizing courses, seminars and newsletters about international and Super Thinking  lifestyles for over 30 years.  The importance of this sharing… by like minded souls… was reinforced when a delegate from a course sent an email that said:

My Dearest Merri and Gary, Thank you for your most gracious hospitality last weekend. I am just thrilled at being a part of your group.  You and Gary were exactly as I imagined you to be, warm friendly, kind, considerate, genuine, helpful, fun, sincere, what else can I say……I felt so comfortable in your presence and learned so much in your course. I was sad to leave the farm that Sunday afternoon.  You made us all feel so welcome and cared about.  You were so kind to make arrangements for a ride with the other delegates from the Charlotte Airport.  They were so nice to me and so helpful, by the time the weekend was over I felt like they were my long lost brothers. Monday morning we all had breakfast at the airport together and I was so sad to see them go, I was sad the weekend was over, perhaps sad is not the right word for how I was feeling perhaps Gratitude is a better way to describe it.  Grateful for having the opportunity to share the weekend with such wonderful, like minded Human Beings, in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. Thank you Merri and Gary.  Thanks to you I now have new hope and a new direction to move forward in my life.   I know by attending your classes and conferences that through education and due diligence I will make the right choices.

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Annual International Club (one year) Membership  $1,199

Annual International Club (one year) Membership four quarterly $375 payments





(1) Euro hits fresh 11-year lows versus dollar following ECB move

(2) Euro’s Big Drop Puts U.S. Economy, Federal Reserve to the Test