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Animals & Essential Oil

Essential oils have many unexpected health benefits.

An article at Optimist.com tells how feeding antibiotics to farm animals has created a worry for animals and humans alike.

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“What, me worry?” Our hounds, Mah and Chuk, do not worry about their health so we have to. We are always looking for ways to naturally provide for their protection. Our daughter, Cinda, is a veterinarian who specializes in acupuncture. This helps and now it appears that our friend, Candace Newman, who specializes in essential oils can help as well!

Feeding antibiotics is bad for humans because what’s fed to animals gets in the food chain and the water supply.

The other problem is that animals have started becoming resistant to all kinds of bacteria or rather the bacteria in the animals have become resistant to the antibiotics. This creates a worry about super bugs, bacteria resistant to nearly all types of antibiotics. Some resistant bacteria can infect humans as well as animals. A recent article at Optimist.com explains that adding essential oils from plants, into animal food instead of antibiotics accomplishes more and reduces the super bug worry. This is an important article. See linked below. (1)

Essential Oils for Valentine

Our friend, Candace Newman, is offering Valentine Rose Otto Perfume. Aroma is the silent language of the heart and soul so Candace has created two holiday specials. One is her Rose Otto Rejuvenation Perfume.

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1/7th oz bottle of Rose Otto Rejuvenation Perfume in amber glass bottle.

This ancient and profound essential oil formula quickly became Candace’s signature perfume that she offers straight as an exquisite perfume, or with Organic Jojoba Oil as a rejuvenation face oil. This perfume is a blend of Sandalwood and Patchouli from India, Frankincense from Somalia, Geranium from Madagascar and Bulgarian Rose Otto essential oils. These oils are known historically for use in ultimate skin care, however the aromas have proven to help with anxiety relief and soothe the soul.

What a pure simple way to express love through the deepest essence of roses!

Click here for more details about Candace Newman’s Valentine Special Essential Oils.

Read more at the Optimist.com (1)