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Multi currency fundamentals are important now as the US dollar is in dire straits and even the US government is finally admitting the seriousness of America ‘s fiscal position.  

David Walker, the comptroller general of the United States was quoted in November 15, 2005 USA Today front page article as saying “We face a  demographic tsunami” that “will never recede.”  His quotes include that the US financial condition “is worse than advertised” and has “a broken business model. Anybody who says you’re  going to grow your way out of this problem would probably not pass math.”

The article shows that Social Security will surge, Medicare will take off and the US deficit will soar from an already unacceptable $319 billion dollars to an unbelievable 4.62 trillion in one year! 

Numerous other experts are quoted saying essentially the same thing. 

We must reduce spending and increase taxes now or face economic disaster.

If history is a guide, little will be done. Politicians will drag their feet, and the US dollar will fall. This will make the global economy less stable than it has been for years.  Because of these concerns and due to the excellent opportunity offered by the MultiCurrency Sandwich , we have started this publishing service to make it easier for you to diversify into many currencies and enhance the opportunities that come from interest rate variations and foreign exchange fluctuations.

Our messages and newsletters have been harping on the bad dollar fundamentals for decades.  Many of our readers have made fortunes enjoying safe and secure investments in other currencies.  We hope this service will be of help to you as well.

You can use the data you gain from our service in many ways but one unique feature is that you can use this service to easily communicate with Jyske Bank.  You can learn more about why I have chosen Jyske bank at http://www.spottingtrends.com/banking/banking_contacts_1.htm

You can also learn why they are one of the safest banks in the world at http://www.spottingtrends.com/banking/banking_contacts_2.htm

Over the years many delegates have asked me to manage MultiCurrency Sandwich portfolios for them.  Even Jyske Bank asked if I could manage a MultiCurrency Sandwich mutual fund.  Since time and the fact that I am often traveling or living in different countries prohibit this, I have been looking for a way to help readers more easily gain from this great investment strategy that does not require daily monitoring on my part.

This portfolio tracking service is coordinated with Jyske Bank and provides the answer.

Jyske is aware of each portfolio.  Should you choose to invest with them in one or more of these portfolios you can refer to the published portfolio and the bank will have a better understanding of what you want to do.   You can get details about banking from Thomas Fischer at FISCHER@jyskebank.dk

I would like to add that though Jyske Bank is my main banker and they provide me with many of the statistics I use in this service I am not connected to the bank nor am I paid in any way for introducing clients to them.  I will not receive any form of commission or payment if you decide to open a Jyske account.  We remain independent publishers and the opinions we express in this service are exclusively ours, not Jyske Bank’s or those of any others.

Attached are the first four portfolios we are reviewing. We began our review October 21st, 2005 and shortly I will email you additional files to bring you up-to-date on each portfolio.  I will also send you the Introduction and Chapter One of your Borrow Low – Deposit High report so you can begin to develop a deeper education as you review the portfolios.  We have all nine chapters of this report updated and will be sending them along  over the next couple of weeks as we finish the final editing of each lesson.

Again thanks. I look forward to sharing this valuable information with you.



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