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Sweet Gentle People

Merri and I love Ecuador’s sweet gentle people.

Here is an example of why we love the people in Ecuador.

We recently took one of our hotel helpers, Eduardo, to the dentist and told him that one of our genrous visitors there was paying for all the dental work he needed. He began to cry. He could not believe this. We felt very grateful to have had that moment.

Then we returned to the hotel where we had a meeting with Jorge Flores, the hotel’s massage therapist. Jorge gives really great massages. One of our neighbors from North Carolina was here visiting (a university professor) and she said he gave the best massage she had ever had. Jorge charges $15 for a full hour’s massage. (We give our guests a lot of free amenities at the hotel, free wireless broadband, free phone calls to the US, Canada and Europe, a wonderful free breakfast (and we do not tack on any extra costs for massages performed at the hotel.)

However up to now, Jorge lugged his massage table around and gave the massages in each individual’s room. However we are now setting up a special massage room and today presented it to Jorge. He began to cry as well. “I never thought I would have my own place to give massages.”

As we walked out, Steve our man in Ecuador, who had been with us in both instances looked us in the eye and said. “You know this is the second person to cry in gratitude today”.

We gain so much for giving so little in Ecuador and this makes it a genuine pleasure to be here.

Please share with us your expereiences with Ecuador’s people.