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Beauty everywhere

I liked this email from a recent visitor so much I just had to post it!!

“Thanks for the follow up email – we are having a wonderful time with family and friends in Vermont, baptism was wonderful.

Just have to say, had the time of my life-the staff, fellow travellers, local people and of course all your help and hospitality. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to all the beauty of Ecuador, loved every minute of it and definitely planning on spending at least 6-8 months a year there once I get something built. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, the beauty is everywhere and just envelops you. The country is beautiful, the people are beautiful and the thoughts that flow around and in to you are amazing. The friends I have made through this exploration will remain in my heart as well as new places to visit to stay in touch with all.

The tours were great to see so many areas and experience what Ecuador really is about as opposed to just the tourist stops along the way. Thank you for everything-the experience that I am going to work into creating as my life and home.

Thank you to Gary and Merri for the great information, sharing attitude, growth forever, not to mention how wonderful every aspect of El Meson is – great staff, great and healthy food, rooms that have the feel of home and an environment you don’t want to leave.

Thank you again, I will contact you later if okay when we’re coming down.”