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Recent messages at www.garyascott.com have looked at the importance of earning outside the US dollar. Those who can earn anywhere have the ultimate form of financial security. Here is a great export opportunity if I have ever seen one…seeds.

Steve, our man in Ecuador reports:

“It’s one of those moments when you do a literal ‘double take’ … “A what? … a seed fair?”. Ok, time to investigate. One Sunday morning in July many indigenous have walked into town and laid out a huge variety of seeds on the ground ready to sell to others who’re looking to expand their base of crops.

There’s a lot of banter and negotiating taking place

There is even a national organization at the fair called INIAP (the Autonomous national Institute of Agricultural Investigations ) who have cross bred some v varieties of corn and potatoes, principally to make them more pest resistant. And of course to go for increased yields. This seems a little strange in the case of potatoes which have been eaten in the Andes (Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru) since 8000 BC and cultivated since 4000 BC – and seem therefore to somehow have survived pestilence of all kinds for quite a considerable time.

Here’s a selection of the native species of potatoes below.

Opportunity presents itself in so many ways. I hope that this thought sows some seeds for ideas and wealth for you!

You can see many more photos of the fair including a potato developed especially for French fries at http://www.ecuadorliving.com/2007/07/18/seed-fairs-in-cotacachi.html



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