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Nangulvi Ecuador is a major village in the Intag, one reason that Ecuador was named by National Geographic Magazine as one of the top ten adventure destinations for 2007. While Gary and Merri are in Europe, I am continuing part four of my series on trips to Intag.

When I was invited to the Intag to do a bit of scuba diving, rafting and ‘rapelling,’ The ‘rapelling’ had me intrigued, but I had to get wet first. We began with scuba diving which we saw in our last update.

On our way to rappel we first stopped and visited Nangulvi and the hot spring fed baths deep in the Intag valley.

Some put up tents,,,,,

Others of us decided that comfort was the better part of valor. We stayed in the main buildings. Hey! For me, camping is a great option when there is no other alternative.


I checked my room and it looked just fine…definitely better than a tent Then it was time to go rafting on the river Intag.

I can’t say what class of river this is but the ride was exhilarating without being thrilling. The water was at a quite low level. Other times of the year there is twice as much water in the river.

Here we are getting ready.

We headed down the river.

Quickly the river gained speed.

At one stage we nearly wiped out.

However we managed to stay afloat for the entire ride! When we landed we headed back for a well-deserved soak in the hot springs and a good night’s rest.

We would need this rest it turns out. We were woken at 5.30 am to prepare ourselves for ‘rapelling’. This word evidently is a Spanish interpretation which in English more simply means “tie yourself to a rope and throw yourself off the edge of a 70 foot waterfall”.

We’ll see how this happened in the Intag in our next update!


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