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Weather in Ecuador

I just thought I’d add a few words on this subject as its of so much interest to visitors, especially those who’ve never been before. First, there are 4 main geographical regions in Ecuador; the mountains, the Amazon basin to the east, the coastal plain to the west, and then the galapagos islands some 6oo […]

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After leaving the Super Learning Spanish school,so proficiently taught by Professor Steve, I was armed to take on two more weeks of travel in Ecuador on my own…or so I thought. Staff at El Meson secures Jorge, a local taxi driver to take me to Pinsaqui. He flags down an Express bus to Quito and I’m […]

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Surgery in Ecuador – No Fear

       I arrived in Ibarra at The Instituto de Medico on Mon. 11 of June at 10 AM with my fiance Mary and Conrad who had appointments with the dentist Dr. Proaño.  My pursuit was getting my varicose veins removed.  Fortunately the vascular surgeon was right at the end of the hall, next door.  Only with  my driver Julio […]

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Intag III

Our last two Ecuador Living Updates introduced the Intag and explained that Ecuador was named by National Geographic Magazine as one of the top ten adventure destinations for 2007. One reason for this is a huge national forest called Intag not far from where we live in Cotacachi. This area is not only the home […]

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