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Café Mosaico

We hope that you will visit us in Cotacachi one time or the other (see special low air fares at the end of this update).

When you come, your first stop on the way will most likely be Quito , the airport where you will land. Quito is a grand city, rich in heritage. Quito used to be known as the Paris of South America. While there you’ll want to enjoy some of the city’s great (and incredibly inexpensive) restaurants including Café Mosaico. Steve, our man in Ecuador writes:

“ Gary , Quito has a very wide selection of restaurants spread throughout the city covering most international cuisine and a range of prices to suit every pocket. It seems as if more are opening every week but perhaps the most distinct up market restaurant is Café Mosaico.

‘As a New York Times piece says “Much more than a cafe and more like an elite gathering place, Mosaico is hands down, the most spectacular eatery in Ecuador….. the view is beyond belief — the entire city stretched at your feet and the place filled with the crème de la crème of Ecuadorian society’.

“Café Mosaico is operated by a very professional team of apron wearing waiters who give you a friendly welcome and guide you to a spare table. ‘Spare table’ are the operative words because Alex, the young Greek/American/Ecuadorian owner, has had tremendous success since opening just under 4 years ago.

“Apart from the excellent service and the inspired Greek cuisine, the trump card is the location. Café Mosaico was the pioneer restaurant in Itchimbia, a new barrio that was considered dangerous a decade ago. Itchimbia sits on top of a hill overlooking the old historical center. The Quito city managers decided to re-generate the area by creating an expansive park covering many acres on top of the hill with a glass-construction exhibition center on top.

“This is an area where we took delegates on our real estate tours years ago and now new houses and condo buildings are springing up around the park. Civic pride has taken over and surrounding areas are considered desirable or ‘up and coming’. House prices have doubled and even tripled in some streets as house hunters now consider living in this sector.

In Calle Samaniego, there is a steep cliff that drops down towards the old center. Alex took advantage of this to gamble on a fixer-up property. He invested to build his concept restaurant with a broad patio; sun trap during the day and city observation gallery by night. Here is the view at night.


Rich Quiteños and foreign tourists make up the bulk of Alex’ clientele but the occasional intrepid reporter like yours truly ventures into this delightful but costly, by Quito standards, restaurant. Typically, cocktails cost $5 and main courses $7-$9. Frugal as I am, I would readily consider Café Mosaico for a romantic dinner out. If you are on a budget consider coming for coffee and cake during the afternoon.

Other restaurants have now opened in the same street but few have quite the individual flavor of Alex’s haunt – look at the photos below, including the views and judge for yourselves. Steve”



NOTE FROM GARY : Think about this. A great meal here for three, including cocktails and wine might cost $50. Recently when I was in Copenhagen , a nice meal for three cost $900! The value in Quito for absolute top quality is tremendous.

We hope to enjoy this value with you. There is one more good reason to come now. See below.


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We hope to serve you at one of our last Ecuador courses this year.

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