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Café la Chacha

When you visit us in Cotacachi, your first stop will likely be Quito . This series of updates is reviewing some of this city’s great (and incredibly inexpensive) restaurants. Steve, our man in Ecuador writes:

“I rarely go out to the same place twice but I couldn’t resist doing so at la Chacha.

This tiny café is a very good, very cheap café just a block off a bustling plaza in the La Mariscal area of Quito . This tiny sidewalk delight has a charming and happy feel. Here is the entrance.


I recently returned a second time with my young son Luke and while chatting with the staff discovered that La Chacha is Argentine owned. The name La Chacha comes from a cartoon figure in Argentina . La Chacha the cartoon has a compassionate nature, will try to do the impossible and rarely fails. The cartoon is also a great cook, especially of empanadas.

The warm, caring aspect of this name is duplicated with the warm, gas fired space heater that keeps off the evening chill and creates an “at home” feel.


Naturally la Chacha in Quito does sell empanadas.

However on my return visit I wanted another one of their delicious pizzas to share with Luke.

So, I ordered, a beer, Luke, a sparkling water, and a pizza, a house salad, and a savoury crepe to share.

Luke, as 4 year olds some times do decided that the order was not for him. He had a rice dish with eggs instead.

After dinner I had cappuccino. Luke had hot chocolate. The food though obviously not intended to be gourmet, was very tasty, a great meal The price was great as well. I happily settled an amazingly low bill of for all the above. $10.30!

Our last update looked at Café Mosaico for its good food and the outstanding view. That was a café to visit on special occasions. La Chaca is a place top visit on any occasion, a warm, friendly “at home” sidewalk café that all the locals know and go regularly to eat, not dine, in a cheerful homey place for almost less than they can eat at home.”


The next Ecuador Living update looks at La Varadero.

Until then may the sun shine in all your days.


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