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Ecuador has had a new constitution since 2007 that increased many rights… even to plants and wild animals.


Photo I took of Ecuador’s President Rafael Correa. The fact I could get this close says something about Ecuador politics!

I am not a political pundit of any sort but we have shared numerous articles about Ecuador politics.  As a businessman I must be optimistic by nature and focus more on adapting to “what is” rather than “what might or could be”.

So I asked many of my friends in Ecuador, from many walks of life, what they think about Ecuador politics and the police.

You can see many of the messages we have shared linked below.

When Ecuador’s President Correa was reelected in 2009 after two years in office he gained the power now to continue with his programs of change… but he has had to be careful… few people in Ecuador will accept a model like we see in Venezuela or the conflicts we see in Bolivia.

What Ecuadorians expect is a model closer to what has been seen in Chile.   He will have problems financing all of what he is offering especially if the price of oil drops.

The constitution for example says that all people have the right to social security. This is a good idea but let’s see if they are able to finance it.

As a foreigner living in Ecuador I do not expect my life or business to be much affected… they have always said that they welcome social responsible businesses who pay their taxes and do no harm to the environment.  This is not too difficult to follow.

Here are views of Correa from Ecuadorians across the land.

This reply is from a good friend, an Ecuadorian attorney and grandson of one of Ecuador’s former…good presidents.

He replied:

“Dear Gary, You asked as to how do I feel about the New Constitution (NC), I’ll answer
as follows:

One of the main problems we’ve had in Ecuador, hindering in complicity with
other elements the major growth potential here, is that every now and then
new governments and coalitions want to “reinvent” the country. They tend to
try and do this via the drafting of a new Constitution. Some new constitutions have been very good and geared to the general benefit and some have been a mirror of the personal wants and needs of the ruler of the time.

This one, the one voted in this Sunday, is the 20th constitution so far and
if it were a matter of just drafting new constitutions Ecuador would be
there already. We are somewhere – alright, and it’s nice depending on the
way you look at it, but we are not “there” yet. We need to grow and prosper
more and strengthen our institutions and empower the poor through better
education, more opportunities and improved infrastructure.

The process for the NC has been, in my view, a montage to allow the current
president two terms in office. The majority vote the NC got is a reflection
of how much Ecuadorians embrace change. I’m not sure, however, if the NC
will bring the change the people want and need.

The NC is very poetic and full of good intentions. I see it hard for the
State to cope with the amount of responsibilities it lays upon it. You have
the obvious: education, health, social security, but the twist is that you
can confront the Government to demand the fulfillment of these rights.

The main problem we have in Ecuador is attitude. It’s not a problem of laws.
We are kind, warm, welcoming and naïve on the one side, but we can be too
feverish and immature on the other.

I don’t see this new Constitution in any way as a threat to private property
or entrepreneurship. It puts high hopes on local investment and
entrepreneurship but the way I see it foreigners retain the same rights as

Now we all have to pitch in to make the best out of the NC and this
beautiful country, in spite of the disillusionment many will feel that it
didn’t bring the swift, profound change some had wanted.”

A really positive comment from my point of view in this reply is the point that Ecuadorians are kind, warm and welcoming people. This is why I have felt positive about what has been happening.  No matter what a government does, in the end it is the people that count and that has been and where Merri and I continue to place out vote…on the people of Ecuador.

No written document can erase thousands of years of history which is why Merri and look forward to investing more in Ecuador.

I have written about Ecuador politics, safety, the constitution and Correa dozens of times in recent years.

Instead we have to watch what politicians do and hope that we do not miss too much of what lay beneath the surface.

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