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Teaching English in Ecuador

We started the English classes for the staff at El Meson de Las Flores last Friday & had a second class yesterday. We are absolutely encouraged by the enthusiasm of the staff to learn English. In the second class we covered the various food types which we feel will help in their service to Guests who take their meals here. Next class is this Wednesday.

During the classes, we realised that the staff did not have any Spanish-English/English-Spanish dictionaries.

We thought that the staff may not be able to afford the $7/= each for the dictionaries and so we decided to pass the hat around the El Meson guests (who also attended the classes as enjoyed it as well!), and we collected $63/= with which we are purchasing today 9 dictionaries for the staff. It was very kind of the Guests to do this for the students.

Below is a photo taken at the class yesterday & the El Meson Guests who contributed for the purchase of the dictonaries are in the photograph as well.

Shyam and Pramila