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We had the unique & heart-wrenching opportunity of visiting a village school (kindergarten) in a small village about 15 minutes from Cotacachi 2 days ago. This was facilitated by Mauricio at the request of Micky Enright of Naples, Florida. Mauricio had worked as a volunteer in that village 3 years ago and still has very close contact with the community there. This was Micky’s 3rd visit to that village.
We must admit that it was a very emotional and ‘tear-jerking’ experience to see little children having so little in terms of facilities for education in the village. However, what encouraged us tremendously was the enthusiasm with which the children & staff greeted us that immediately we felt that we should try & contribute in whatever way we can to this little school.
When we visited the kitchen, we were saddened to find that the roof had holes in it & the general condition of the kitchen was not suitable for the preparation of the food which was being fed to the children. On speaking to to the Director of the facility, we felt that the kitchen was top on her priority list to be fixed, and second was the children’s playground. She is apparently in charge of 12 such schools.
As a result, Pramila & I decided to make a pledge of $500 to begin the process of repairing & renovating the kitchen to an acceptable level for food preparation. We will be in Cotacachi only a short while so we would like to get this project started almost immediately. We discussed this with Mauricio, and he felt that we could buy the materials & get some workers & together with those of us who would like to physically help as well, we could get the major part of this project completed before we leave Cotacachi for Australia.
Enclosed are some wonderful photographs we took on our trip to the village.