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Ecuador learning

One of the plus points for me staying at El Meson is all the interesting people I get to meet. I’ve got to say you readers of Gary Scott’s newsletter and you who come down here to the dozen or so courses we have each year are almost exclusively wonderful, well meaning people and apart from that some of the most interesting people I have met in my life.

Take Brooks Allison who recently was down here for the IBEZ course this last November ’07. He came with his lovely wife and was one of those kind of guys who just sits and watches and pretty much keeps to himself unless someone approaches him. But turns out that apart from being a real estate agent he is also deeply into Spiritual Response Therapy. So I spent the most interesting evening whiling away the time learning about something new that, actually, I had never heard of before and at the same time getting ‘cleared’ by Brook and also having him target remote healing towards the mother of my son who had just given birth to Luke’s young brother by caesarian.

Whilst others discussed incredible Jyske bank performance or how they found Ecuador compared to other countries, Brook let his pendulum swing. To my mind it’s pretty way out there this Spiritual Response therapy but hey! ….. I’ll give anything a try once and why not when Brooks claims to have ‘cleared’ me to live to be 122? Other conversations here in Cotacachi are more prosaic but just once in a while there’s something that is way away from the norms of one’s experience .. and that is precisely part of these courses that shouldn’t be lightly discounted; they can be life-changing … or extremely stimulating at the least.