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School Progress Report!

Look at the attached pictures & you can tell the difference! Pramila & I visted the school today to check on the progress of the renovation before our departure to Quito tomorrow & then on to Australia.
As you may be able to see in the pictures, what a transformation ! The ceiling is beautiful. The tiles are going in tomorrow. The floor will have the wooden grain look-alike tiles & the kitchen tops & the walls will have ‘beige’ coloured tiles. The very old kitchen sink has been replaced. The water drainage facility is being built. The whole kitchen will be re-painted and according to the workmen, it will be complete in 2 days time. Fantastic job !
We were very touched when the Director presented Pramila & me a wooden plough to show her appreciation. People here do not have much in a material sense, but they have hearts that are absolutely huge & very sincere. We plan to use the plough as the centrepiece of our decorations in our soon to be built house in Mindo, as it reminds us of their greatness and keeps us humble.
With these photos as evidence of the work Land of the Sun is doing, I am confident that we can raise a lot more money to bring with us when we return to Ecuador in March next year.

Shyam and Pramila