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A reader just sent me this note. I do not know the answer but wonder if any of you do? Gary Scott
Send any info to Steve@Garyascott.com

“I wonder if you could help me. I have family in Quito and I do not know how to reach them. I have heard that some family members were heroes in one of the many conflicts Ecuador and Peru had. This took place around 1940s.

I’m looking for a link to a web site where I can get more information.

I had an uncle who’s name was Moises Oliva Ojeda. He was a Captain who saved some lives during one of these conflicts. Any ways, I hear that there is a wall, some where in the city of Quito . This wall has names of heroes. Would you be so kind as to find some information, of which I could continue on my quest to fill our family tree.

I would greatly appreciate your effort. If for some reason you can not, please feel free to tell me. Thank you. Joe”