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Ecuador Galapagos opportunities are rare. When there is a chance to invest in the Galapagos the opportunity can be very attractive.

Ecuador and Galapagos investing can increase safety and profit potential because there are few places that provide such potential…as Ecuador and especially Galapagos.

The brand image of Galapagos is unique. Ecuador offers excellent business conditions and there is great demand for tourism especially in Galapagos. There is no competition.

Galapagos is the leader in environmental tourism and … there is nothing like it…anywhere.

Most Galapagos tourism and opportunity is cruise based. Merri’s and my friend, Kjetil (pronounced Jaatell) Haugan, from Norway , has lived in Ecuador as long as we have. He has a number of successful businesses, a Spanish school, a travel agency, a Galapagos tour business and a cruise operation.

Kjetil has built two Galapagos cruise ships, Athala and Athela II. Here is a shot of the Galapagos Ecuador cruise ship Athala.


These Galapagos Ecuador cruise ships have huge staterooms.

And are luxuriously appointed.

Here are some guests enjoying a Galapagos cruise.


Kjetil began building Athala in July 2006. He enjoyed 100% occupancy from day one. He made over $300,000 in the first 6 months of operating this Galapagos Ecuador cruise ship.

Athala II enjoys even better occupancy so far.

Now Kjetil is constructing the third Galapagos Ecuador cruise ship and is offering shares in this ongoing business that has showed itself to be very profitable so far.

Kjetil estimates this Galapagos Ecuador cruise ship will bring in approximately $800,000 per year after taxes. He offers 50% of the shares for $1,500,000 dollars.

My dealings with Kjetil over the years have shown him to be hard working, intelligent and honest. However if you have an interest I cannot emphasize more that you should do your normal due diligence.

I do not gain financially from introducing him to you.

You see more the Galapagos Ecuador cruise ship, Athala 1, at www.galapagosluxurycruise.com

The investment is in the company Galapagos Dreams S. A. (GDSA) that is building and will run the 32 meter, 16 passenger, luxury class Galapagos Ecuador motor catamaran, “Spirit of Galapagos”, in the Galapagos Islands .

Galapagos cruises enjoy a seller’s market. There is growing demand but limited supply. There are only 84 licenses (this is the top limit and has been for 20 years). Only 70 Galapagos Ecuador cruise ships offer tours and most Galapagos Ecuador cruise ships operate at 90% occupancy.

The company’s Galapagos Ecuador cruise ship team are experienced, as they have built and operated two Galapagos Ecuador cruise ship luxury catamarans for Galapagos cruise operations.

All businesses have risk and the offering circular covers many. The largest however is the political climate in Ecuador . The new President prefers local to foreign ownership. GDSA has made itself one of the few companies to have local (Galapagos) shareholders to mitigate this risk.

Protection against risks comes from the GDSA team’s experience in building boats and operating its first two Galapagos catamarans. During the last two years, both the Atala and Athala II have done well. The Athala II is regarded as one of the best yachts on the islands in terms of operation, comfort and technical qualities. Kjetil plans to make the “Spirit of Galapagos” even better.

Kjetil has a 52 page offering circular for those interested. They can reach him at kjetil@haugancruises.com

This is an investment that could make the process of accumulating wealth smooth sailing!


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