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Cotacachi Ecuador hotels are good, including a Chateaux & Relais spa.

However the colonial Inn El Meson de las Flores is a special Cotacachi Ecuador hotel.

Here are some snapshots of the El Meson de las Flores Inn. We hope we can help you.

Built over 150 years ago, the entrance this Inn at Cotacachi Ecuador is just 66 steps to a magnificent cathedral and park.

Here is the park at dawn.

Yet the mists never stay long. This is the land of the eternal sun. Here is the village square later in the day as guests have breakfast in the sun filled WINTER courtyard of our business center and hotel.

Here is the Cotacachi Ecuador Cathedral at night

One of Ecuador ’s most colonial hotels, El Meson de las Flores is aside this cathedral.

The village is quiet and peaceful and once inside El Meson you feel the flavor of its colonial past. The foundations of this building were started here over 180 years.

The inner courtyard is open and is home for numerous seminars. People come from all over the world to stay or just stop by and dine at the Inn restaurant Quinoa Café.

Here are the Inn’s owners, Gary & Merri Scott and the Café’s chef Santiago with seafood brought fresh from the coast.

The outer court leads to a dining and meeting room each for 50. The Cotacachi Inn has a full professional kitchen where they produce delicious, nutritious and energizing organic meals drawn from the Andes ’ mineralized volcanic soil. El Meson de las Flores is in the heart of Cotacachi Ecuador and offers special nutritional programs based on shamanic principles taught by the Taitai Yatchaks that is a delicious, abundant, fulfilling and purifying fare.

Here are guests having afternoon tea Al Fresco in the open air courtyard.

The rooms have been fully renovated.

Everywhere you turn you see stunning views from the hotel. The hotel is nestled between three mountains. This is Mount Imbabura .

20 minutes away is a national park and crater lake for picnics. Walk in pure air and nature along nearby Cuicocha Crater Lake. Cuicocha was formed by a massive volcanic explosion 3,000 years ago. You picnic on a carpet of grass by pure, azure, 600 foot deep waters amidst breathtaking scenery.

Here is the inn’s owners Gary & Merri Scott with their hound dog, Ma, at the lake.

An hour away is Chachimbiro Thermal Springs (pictured below). You can soak in the wilds of its mineralized waters.

Locals knew of pools of healing waters since prehispanic times, but the majority of these medicinal thermal waters began to flow after an earthquake in 1868. They come from a volcanic complex that has existed 10,000 years and flow at temperatures ranging from 92 F to 132 F.

The chemical composition makes them among the best healing waters in the Americas as they contain chlorides, sulfides of iron, copper, fluorine, bromine and iodine. They act as a digestive, purgative regulator, stimulant of the cardiovascular system, diuretic and a central nervous system stimulant.

Nearby Cotacachi Ecuador ’s hotels is Peguche Falls, here is a group of El Meson guests visiting .

Shopping abounds. Cotacachi Ecuador is famous for leather goods.

Near by is San Antonio de Ibarra, a village famous for wood carving.

Plus just minutes away from this Ecuador hotel is the largest native crafts market in the Americas Otavalo Ecuador .

El Meson de las Flores of Cotacachi Ecuador’s most charming inns welcomes you here in Cotacachi Ecuador.