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Ecuador culture and ethics are reasons we love living here.

Merri and I selected the village of Cotacachi as our winter home because opportunity abounds. Yet there is much more. The ethics of the culture here is wonderful! This is our home and the headquarters of our foundation because it is noted as one of the world’s most progressive humanitarian areas.

The mayor of Cotacachi, Economist Auki Tituana Males is the first indigenous Mayor of Cotacachi since the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors 500 years ago. He is a trained economist and one of the first things he did was institute a program so all the people of the region could be heard.

The area boasts a focus on having a multi-ethnic ethic and hosts a population that is 35% mestizo, 5% black (5%), and 60% indigenous.

The Canton ’s motto is that of the indigenous community. For a worthy, productive and solid Cotacachi, the main duty and responsibility is “AMA QUILLA, AMA LLULLA, AMA SHUA”

“DON’T BE LAZY, DON’T LIE, AND DON’T STEAL” This is an incredibly simple, but powerful cultural ethic.

How refreshing! Don’t we wish our nation lived by this code? This simple but profoundly powerful plan has worked… in November 2000, the United Nations granted Cotacachi the International Prize for “Best Practices”….In November 2001, the Interamerican Forum for the Rights of the Childhood and Youth, granted Cotacachi the national Prize “The Dreamer Goblin”, for work with the Cotacachean youth….In March 2002 UNESCO granted Cotacachi, the International Prize for “Cities for Peace”, for its democratic work and its intercultural dialogue in search of peace.

The main plaza in Cotacachi is 66 steps form our hotel.

This is the kind of place where the people are energetic, hard working and sweet! This is an ideal haven of safety to enjoy while part of the world falls apart.

This is good for investing but there are other reasons why Merri and I believe real estate in this area offers such great potential.

One is also incredible export opportunity ranging from Otavalo, the largest indigenous market in South America (15 minutes away). Another is Cotacachi itself as an amazing leather village. Intag Cloud Forest is just down the road and there is bird watching, hiking cycling, nature tours and so much more.


Join us at one of our tours and courses are below:

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Enjoy Ecuador ’s empty beaches. Here is Mahananda on the beach where we will stay during the coastal tour.

Imbabura Real Estate tour

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Here is a shot taken at a recent Ecuador Shaman tour.