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Ecuador Literacy

Ecuador Literacy is dropping. Over the last 40 years, there has been a 76.7% decrease in the illiteracy rate in Ecuador leaving the current Ecuador literacy rate at about 90%. Yet there are over a million individuals needing literacy instruction in Ecuador . There are an insufficient number of formal schools in Ecuador which means that many children do not have access to education.

This is why one of our projects at El Meson de las Flores is a children’s Spanish/English lending library. Here is what a major contributor of books wrote.

“Pam just came home from Unity and brought 7 educational DVD for children and 18 video Disney tapes. These were all like new. One of the women at Unity knows someone at Blockbuster and is going to see them and see if the will give her their used children’s DVDs. The total collected including the books in Ecuador is now at 755. YEA! David”

We are very thankful for these books as are the Ecuadorian children below.


Children of Ecuador

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