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Ecuador Living services can be confusing because we offer so much for those with an interest in Ecuador . Also our Garyascott.com site covers Ecuador services to a limited degree as well.

A reader just sent a note expressing this confusion and my explanation may be helpful to you.

The reader wrote:

“Dear Gary, Thank you for the information. It seems that the mail I receive in the paid subscription can be found freely on your website. Am I correct?

So where would be the difference? I do not mind, I am happy to support what you are doing, but I just wanted to know. Thank you, Best regards.

Here is my reply.

“Some Ecuador Living updates are not password protected, but many of them are.

Your password is 3cuador.

We also post many articles about Ecuador at our free www.garyascott.com

ezine. However these articles are limited and usually only offer excerpts of what we send Ecuador Living subscribers.

There are a number of other Ecuador Living subscription benefits. A few of them include:

#1: We only answer email and personal questions for premium subscribers.

#2: Subscribers receive a free night at El Meson the first time they book three night or more.

#3: We are adding this same benefit at the Palmazul beach Spa next week.

#4: We are about to promote condos on the beach. Only subscribers will be able to buy at a discounted price. We offer to promote property developments in Ecuador (that we like) subject to developer giving EL subscribers a discount.

#5: Subscribers can use our business office, free broadband and free phone calls from Ecuador to US, Canada and Europe .

#6: Only subscribers are allowed to use Ecuador Living blog.

#7: We are about to market four new Ecuador reports…on residency…how to bring pets… taxation and how to use IRAs in Ecuador . They will be free to EL subscribers. Regards”

There are numerous other benefits as well. One of them can save you $20,0000!

I’ll explain this in an upcoming update.

Until then may your life always have sun as does Ecuador !


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